Who wants an ungrateful wife?

When women hang out together and get down to gisting about stuffs, often times, when they’re not talking about fashion, they’re busy talking about guys! They’re either talking about how their man gives them so much loving or how much heartache he’s causing them. When they go on and on about men, you’ll begin to wonder if there aren’t at least a few good men left. But gisting about each other’s partner is not the exclusive reserve of women alone. Men, too, talk about women when they hang out. And we also complain about some of the negatives of our women. Few days ago, myself and some of my colleagues were at the eatery opposite the office having lunch when our discussion veered to women and how increasingly difficult it’s become these days to maintain a woman in this recession period.     … More Who wants an ungrateful wife?

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Does a woman really want her man to be charismatic?

Of course, it’s one of the things that attract women to men – charisma; that compelling charm which inspires and compels attraction and devotion in others. It’s a good trait both in men and women, charisma. It’s just like an alluring scent of heavenly freshness, you really can’t not be attracted to it. It’s fun, it’s exciting, it brings lots of laughter and free-spirit wherever it is.

Yes, you’ve gotten your man. One way was because he had that charisma. But do women really appreciate their man exhibiting that charisma with other ladies? … More Does a woman really want her man to be charismatic?

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