Why men fall in love

You know, typically, I can’t think of one good reason why men fall in love. Not that women are not complementing in so many ways but men just like to be men (egocentric) most times that they forget that it’s OK to just be human too. Be vulnerable or not, it doesn’t mean you haven’t got the same red blood running through your veins like a woman’s. So many things make a man but you might as well be just a man – the man with the 6 pack abs, the man riding in the back sit of his Bentley, the man retiring before the age of 40, the man traveling the world with no care in the world. The difference in men, for a woman, is the communication substance. What makes a man speak with respect, care, truly listening to a woman determines, eventually, the quality of fulfillment he’ll have with his 6 pack abs or when his cruising in his Bentley or what he does with the rest of his time after retiring at 40 or what the world will mean to him then when he’s traveling the length and breadth of it without care.   … More Why men fall in love

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Are you worth waiting for?

I watched a movie recently where a couple was separated for 28 years. A soldier, who had only gotten news of his new bride’s pregnancy had to go off to war but then he got trapped on an island. He was alone there until another rescue mission took a new set of soldiers there decades later. The old soldier was sure he had nothing to live for anymore or leave the island for too but for the thrill of walking and working alongside humans again, he joined them to fight the war.  One of the young soldiers asked him about his family and he said his wife had just gotten pregnant when he left home. He was sure she would have had the baby and definitely re-married. He wasn’t going to hold it against her but the young soldier said to him, ‘you’ll be amazed how long a person can wait’ and it got me thinking. … More Are you worth waiting for?

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How did you forget about me so soon?

Girl had a deadly tumor and the doctors told her that she was going to die but there was still hope. She could do a special surgery and survive. If she decides to do it, she would lose her memory forever. When she told her best friend, he told her that he would talk to the doctors so that could plan the surgery.

She stopped him and pulled him to her side.

Girl: I’m not going to do the surgery.

Boy: You have to be joking. You’ll die! … More How did you forget about me so soon?

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Your promise to me

I promise to hold your hand forever and for always
I promise to hold your hand through the good and the bad times
. . .
Are you still holding my hand?
I promised to hold it, didn’t I?
Just checking
. . .
Why did you left my hand?
I could barely feel my hand after a while.
I will hold your other hand if you want me to.
No. I don’t want the inconveniencing on my other hand
But you promised to hold my hand through the good and the bad times.
That was before I understood what it would feel like to be held down for the rest of my life.
But we promised.
I know.
I can hold you wherever else you want me to.
I don’t want to be held anymore.
But you promised.
I just don’t love you anymore.
More Your promise to me

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My gift to you

I could give you a thousand cattle

Or send you ten thousand oxen

Anything to relieve your wants during this time.

I want to give you the world

And color it in the prettiest of white satin and silk sheets

Only for you to lay in the most peaceful heaven

I think of this day and night

But all I have is my love.

Though it seems enough on the one hand,

More than enough on the other,

I often wonder if it’s enough for you

If it’s truly all you need

Either way, I will not hesitate to give you all that I am

All you need . . . is just ask. … More My gift to you

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Special shout out – To the girl who has loved someone who didn’t deserve her

You are brave for your very act of loving someone like him. For having the strength to love someone who can’t love you the way you deserve to be loved. You are brave because even when it hurt like hell, you still decided to stay. Because even when he gives you every reason to walk away, you still choose him without thinking about it twice.

I salute you for your belief that it is possible for people to change. That one day, he just might realize how important you actually are. That one fine morning, he will finally learn to see and appreciate your efforts. … More Special shout out – To the girl who has loved someone who didn’t deserve her

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I miss you – only now that you’re not with me

Have you ever found yourself being selfless and loving and wanting? But only from a distance. When you’re with that supposed special person, you seem to realize there was never really nothing special about them after all. Yet you miss them only when they’re not with you.

What’s that called? … More I miss you – only now that you’re not with me

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The pride in being yours

I wake up every morning feeling blessed.

You must be the best thing that ever happened to me.

I longed for so much love from my days of youth.

And it’s such a joy that I get to pour out my love to you every day.

My love is made complete in your love.

In your care for me, I know that I am loved.

When I’m not with you,

With you is everywhere I want to be,

And when I’m with you,

Nothing else matters.

And it’s all perfect, blissful, wonderful, mind-blowing,

This out of the world experience,

All because you are mine

And I,

I will be yours always in every birth

As you will be mine in every lifetime

This is be confidence and pride in being yours.
More The pride in being yours

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Beautifully broken

If I love you from a distance, it wouldn’t impart differently on your heart

If I cry for you every day, it wouldn’t change how detached you are to my emotions

If I yearn for you every minute, it wouldn’t utter the course of your day

And even if it kills me to be apart from you as much as my heart moves me to be with you,

It wouldn’t shorten the days of your laughter.

For you are loved already,

Adorned in your entirety

And I’m just a beautifully broken heart

Loving you without appreciation

Praying for you without your consent

Claiming you without permission

I could love you with all the love in the world

And it wouldn’t compare to anything

Because my love in fact is nothing

Meaning nothing

Amounting to nothing

Producing nothing

Yet I choose to let it be my purpose

Because loving you without your consent is entirely my business
More Beautifully broken

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