My jewel of inestimable value

Ok so marriages, break ups more than make-ups, have been trending this weekend. Then I remember that my 28 year old sister who is yet to be married said to me, ‘marriage is over rated’. Seriously! I wish a lot of people were or are confident to realize and accept the fact. Then I suppose it’ll correct a lot of false assumptions and hopes.

In my post why men get married, you will discover along with other reasons, of course, some of the wrong reasons why men tend to want to settle down most of the time. It takes only a few who know their onions to realize, actualize and get it right. Suffice to say that only 50% of men get it right at the first marriage anyway. And trust me, it either gets worse more often than not than it does by the second or third marriage because the level of commitment and loyalty, respect and value for the union is diminished anyway. … More My jewel of inestimable value

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