Lagos hotels with festive offers this Christmas

What’s more divine than spending a well-deserved get-away time at a 4 star or 5 star hotel? Incredible offers – festive offer!

Have you worked all year round with little or no time to relax and enjoy your hard earned money? Well, maybe it’s time to help you put that money to good use. It’s not to throw or party or buy lavish gifts but it’s important to treat yourself. My father always say “omo to ba sise dede, a’lasiko igbadun”, meaning “the one who’s worked consistently must have quality time to unwind” or something like that. LOL. … More Lagos hotels with festive offers this Christmas

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2017 Eid Holiday: Fun Places to Visit in Nigeria

With the end of Ramadan fast approaching, and the government most likely to declare Monday, 26th of June, and Tuesday, 27th of June, as public holidays, I am sure most people will be wondering how to spend the holiday.  Despite it being a Muslim holiday, non-Muslims are not left out either. All public and private offices will be shut down on the two days. As such, the workaholics will have no option but to stay at home. If you are looking for fun places in Nigeria to visit with your family and friends this 2017 Eid Holiday, then you are in the right place. … More 2017 Eid Holiday: Fun Places to Visit in Nigeria

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6 Questions to ask before booking a hotel room

A lot of us spend a fortune on making hotel reservations or booking hotel rooms. Most of the time we go to the hotel with so much excitement expecting to have a great time. Only to be thrown in a sea of disappointment upon arrival because the hotel and hotel room do not have all the amenities we need to have an enjoyable stay. Thus, we end up getting less value for the money paid. All disappointment as well as service gaps can be reduced if customers take out time to ask some pertinent questions. If you want to always get value for money when making a hotel reservation, be it offline or online, ensure you ask these questions. … More 6 Questions to ask before booking a hotel room

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5 Ways Travel Will Change Your Life For The Better

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” Anonymous

This is one of my favorite travel quotes and I couldn’t agree more. Travel is transformational and has a way of changing who we are to our very core. It changes us for the better and brings out the best version of us. More so, traveling comes with so many thrills; that great feeling that comes with getting off a plane, booking a hotel room online, trying new delicacies, just to mention a few. Below are 5 ways travel can make your life better and why you should not hesitate to plan your next trip: … More 5 Ways Travel Will Change Your Life For The Better

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Beautiful benefits of holidaying with your spouse

Traveling is truly one of the coolest and most amazing things you can do together with your better-half. Don’t get me wrong, solo travel has its benefits too – they can be refreshing, empowering, inspiring, rewarding, and a time of reflection. But a trip with your special someone can create blissfully sweet memories that you will cherish forever.

The beauties of it, you’ll find, is it’s stimulating and romantic in ways that you won’t be able recreate in your routine everyday life. Trust me, trips and vacations with your partner is a lot more enriching than a month’s worth of sunset dining or shopping.

Here are some beautiful reasons why you might want to consider vacation with your spouse on your next holiday. … More Beautiful benefits of holidaying with your spouse

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5 Best Places to Visit in Lagos

The hustling and bustling associated with our daily lives may deprive us of that special time with our families, friends or loved ones. Besides Lagos being the busiest state in Nigeria, it also has some of the best places, restaurants, movie centers and what have you. There is a wide variety of places in Lagos to choose from such as cheap and affordable hotels, ice cream factories, beautiful beaches as well as exquisite hotels. If you are based in Lagos, or planning a trip to Lagos very soon, here is a list of the five best places to visit with your friends and loved ones: … More 5 Best Places to Visit in Lagos

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