Why we make out with eyes closed

Losing one sense is known to heighten all other senses. If you close your eyes while making out, or your partner does, don’t necessarily jump to conclusions that it is a negative thing, it could be anything, and maybe they’re just focusing on feeling, tasting, smelling and hearing you. … More Why we make out with eyes closed

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State of the ‘art’

My balance I find from the activities that fill my day

If I lived on your love,

I’d be mad now

And even though it’ll appear I keep it together beautifully

I lose my mind each and every day away from you

In the midst of the busiest day,

You’re still on my mind

But I get nervous when I speak to you

Yet you don’t even notice my fidgety

All of this epistle is because I miss you Baby … More State of the ‘art’

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A long walk home

It’s hard to say from where I stand
Exactly when it all began
But someplace there’s a point you cross the line
You see the tears than stain my face
Mirrored in my make-up case
I know it’s time to leave this place behind
But it’s a long way home
Trying to retrace my steps
It’s all too easy to forget
Just which way to go
This is going to be one long way home … More A long walk home

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How did you forget about me so soon?

Girl had a deadly tumor and the doctors told her that she was going to die but there was still hope. She could do a special surgery and survive. If she decides to do it, she would lose her memory forever. When she told her best friend, he told her that he would talk to the doctors so that could plan the surgery.

She stopped him and pulled him to her side.

Girl: I’m not going to do the surgery.

Boy: You have to be joking. You’ll die! … More How did you forget about me so soon?

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