Learning the Notes

My love for music though,

The tunes, the lyrics – harmony.

Till I realized music is much more.

See the harmony – lyrics and tunes,

All delicately thought and carefully put together.

So for love’s sake,

I learnt the art

To make passionate music.

I made music that resonated far more the beats

It stayed with me longer than the smiles

It brought out the best in me.

My strength, my weakness – you. … More Learning the Notes

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State of the ‘art’

My balance I find from the activities that fill my day

If I lived on your love,

I’d be mad now

And even though it’ll appear I keep it together beautifully

I lose my mind each and every day away from you

In the midst of the busiest day,

You’re still on my mind

But I get nervous when I speak to you

Yet you don’t even notice my fidgety

All of this epistle is because I miss you Baby … More State of the ‘art’

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