Falling Lines

When does love turn to hate?

How is strength measured?

Who decides the manifestations of love and hate?

How do you measure strength and weakness?

Till they are all masked, explained with cause, how do you decipher?

When does the line begin and where does it end? … More Falling Lines

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Respect: A key to successful relationship

Sustaining respect during the course of a relationship takes effort. We are all human, and if someone begins to treat us negatively, inconsiderately, and disrespectfully, we often tend to respond in kind. The pattern of mutual disrespect actually feeds on itself. The more one partner is rude and inconsiderate, the more likely it is the other spouse or partner will behave in similar ways. … More Respect: A key to successful relationship

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Ordinary people: behind the scenes

Have you ever wondered about the simple man sitting dutifully by his vulcanizing machine? Or about the seemingly wayward lady putting up a carefree happy face selling paraga? Have you ever thought what might be waiting at home for the woman hurrying home from the market with her baby strapped to her back? Or even about that pretty lady, well-trimmed, well dressed, and well-spoken at your office who isn’t even dating? Have you ever imagined what a day as that dashing rich guy would be?

These are the lives of the seemingly ordinary people. The people we meet every day, passing by them and never knowing what goes on behind the scenes in their lives. They say no man is an island. Have you wondered how those other people, strangers, indirectly affect your life in ways you will never know?

Am I asking you to get to know everyone and invite them to dinner in your home? Of course not! But show a little love to someone every day. Give a little from your little. Spread joy anywhere you find yourself. Give hope everywhere you find helplessness and encourage the lowly. You might be taking away their situation behind the scenes but you sure are helping someone look at life in a brighter light.

It’s the season of love anyway so why not share love, just because.

I love you!
More Ordinary people: behind the scenes

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