What’s the implication if a younger sibling marrying before the older?

Personally? I don’t understand what the deal is about younger siblings marrying before their older ones. At least, that was what I thought before I was married. I might have felt differently if it actually happened to me and I had to wait years after to be married especially if I haven’t been lucky enough to be in a relationship.

I remember my sister telling me her boyfriend proposed to her but she wanted to be sure it was ok with me before she agreed to be married. My first impression was, why would I mind? If he’s ready and you’re in love, what could be more important?

But this is Africa. In a culture like ours, matters like this are quite sensitive. It is mostly judged by society not necessarily because we are convinced that it is wrong for a younger sibling to be married before the older. … More What’s the implication if a younger sibling marrying before the older?

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Relationships to let go in the New Year

I was reading on a comment on one of my favorite blogs recently where someone commented on the many sad relationship stories on almost every blog these days. It almost sounded like emotions were taking too much of the commenter’s reads and he wanted to see more of intellectual articles than sad relationship stories. I feel the same way too.

I saw a video recently and it emphasizes how we strive for many accomplishments in life and when we get them, we continue on the rat race all our lives. But we forget the things that keep us most healthy and happy into old age which is good relationships. We may all appreciate strategic communications and meetings which involve little or no emotions but behind the scenes, our outcome is dependent on the relationships in our lives. We get happiness and joy and zeal to excel and confidence to achieve and motivation to strive from the relationships in our lives.

So instead of fighting to do away with emotions all together, why not identify those relationships that tell bad stories in our lives or leave us with negative feelings and focus on those that make you want to live happily ever after and do exploits.

Such relationships as: … More Relationships to let go in the New Year

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Which relationships are most dear to your heart?

Relationship is a very interesting topic. It is so because relationship itself differs from one person to the other. It may be between family, friends, or sexual partners. Interesting more also because within the confines of each of these level of interactions, the relationship level may vary as well. For instance, I have 5 sisters. I love them all the same but what I share with each person vary per time. This may be due to distance, closeness, availability, vulnerability and so on. For any level of genuine relationship, however, love is an important part often involved in these relationships.

Which relationships are most dear to your heart? … More Which relationships are most dear to your heart?

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