Love is magical

When a man falls in love with a woman, she becomes his weakness.

When a woman falls in love with a man, he becomes her strength.

This is just how she felt when she met him.

Unassuming as their love blossomed, perfect it became in every way.

Giving her strength.

Giving him confidence.

They were confident to become better versions of themselves.

Together they budded into a magical beauty,

Radiating their halo in every silly gesture.

Even though their stories are different,

Together they found strength to heal,

While they transformed by the sweetest sensations,

Into love so magical.
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Once upon a Love

When a beauty like her tells me, “I like you. You should meet my brother”, I am excited and anxious to see what he looks like. For Dora is fair and busty, pretty with a cute pointy nose, intelligent and sophisticated. Her small delicately lined lips needed no lipstick; they are already a permanent plum … More Once upon a Love

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