Miles away

As we were – youthful, vulnerable, spontaneous, adventurous – the world should have stood still and time should have remained indiscreet. If walls could talk, truly, they would remind you of the love that was true. They would remind you of how safe I felt in your arms and how happy I was in ecstasy, … More Miles away

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My Smiley Face

I put up happy faces and bright smiles

And they are all just pushing you even further away

It’s gotten more difficult too because of the crowd I now find myself

And I don’t know any more how to get to you

Because you are unable to feel me and all the things inside … More My Smiley Face

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What is man to me?

A father, a brother, a lover, a husband, a son

Man to me is an epitome of strength,

A support through life’s hurdles

Man to me portrays protection,

Protection from wiles and life’s trickery

Man to me is humility,

Exemplifying God to me

Not lording over my feminism

Man to me is persistence,

Taking responsibility, ownership

Exuding tenacity

Man to me is success

Manly, muscular, striding with such gait that commands respect

Man to me is a mentor, a guide

Man to me is gentle and kind

Knowing when to throw me off balance

And realizing when to bring me back into an assuring embrace

Man to me is a father, a brother, a lover, a husband and a son

Bringing smiles to my face and chills to every ounce of my being
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