Put me back together

Looking for exoneration,

Till I found the only liberation lives within.

Now, the plan is changed.

Put me back together.

Not for what the world gives,

But for the peace and joy that glows from within,

For the expressions of adventures to come.

I believe in me.

Putting the puzzles back together,

I’m putting myself back together. … More Put me back together

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Towards a better New Year

The world we will wake up to on January 1, 2018 won’t be the same world we entered exactly one year ago. You never really notice how the atmosphere has shifted until you look back over the past 365 days and realize that considering the events of the year that’s passed, there is simply no way we can move forward without feeling changed in one way or another. Except you’ve been in a comma for the past 365 days, events that have happened are bound to have changed us in one way or another. Unfortunately too, 2017 introduced the world to a lot of heartache, natural disasters, and man-made tragedy across board. But my hope is that we can all find solace in a clean slate and learn from our misfortunes moving forward. … More Towards a better New Year

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What are the chances that it’s going to be a different and memorable December in a way that feels strangely complete?

A holiday! A holiday to usher us into the month of the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

It’s that time of the year again, full of gratitude, celebration and deserving of honours. A time to both reflect on the year and celebrate how far we’ve come regardless of where we used to be.

If you’ve loved in the beginning of the year and still do, you have earned a badge of honour in a way that most people cannot boast of.

If you’ve worked from the beginning of the year and still thriving, the sky is your limit if truly you have a focus and a plan. … More December

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“Busy” Is Not a Badge of Honor, It’s what’s killing your dreams

Working a 10-hour day is not the same as being “busy.” If you’re truly putting in 10-hour days, it should be because the work you’re currently doing requires you to be there for exactly ten hours.

“Busy” does not guarantee that you are making strides and growing your business.

“Busy” means you are probably doing a lot of work you shouldn’t be doing in the first place.

“Busy” means you secretly want recognition for your efforts, or for someone to commend you for your “hustle.”

“Busy” means there is a good chance you’ve let things get out of control.

The reality is this: succeeding entrepreneurs are rarely “busy.” Sure, there are seasons of their business where “busy” describes their current circumstances. But there’s a 0% chance they are sitting next to you telling you about it during those periods of time. Chances are they are some place off the grid getting things done. … More “Busy” Is Not a Badge of Honor, It’s what’s killing your dreams

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Re-connect with yourself

So in these times of uncertainties, it has become inevitable to reconnect with one’s inner source, finding fulfilment derived from motivation. What keeps you hustling every day? Is it something from your past life? Perhaps it was lived in poverty and helplessness. Is it your children? Just knowing you want to give them the best of everything? Is it a fear for poverty in this life? Is it a past experience? Knowing one bad turn can lead to an irreversible disaster? Whatever it is that won’t let you stay down, now more than ever before, you need to re-align your focus and re-energize yourself for the next phase of your life.

Come to think of it, what are you working endlessly for? Money? Money is important but in most cases it’s not the critical factor that influences performance at the end of the day. And in some cases, offering more money can actually harm performance. If that sounds naive in the current climate, let’s consider one of the worst-case scenarios for a moment. This is where somebody loses their job or their business fails, and as a consequence loses their home. They and their family have to move out into poorer quality accommodation, lose many of their possessions and survive on a far more meagre budget than they are accustomed to. … More Re-connect with yourself

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The road to success is not pretty, but it is worth it

Success is like the torch you light in the presence of wind. Frustrations, discouragements, falls and disappointments are like the wind. They all want to put that fire out. You know what, NO ONE else is going to guard and keep that flame burning for you but you. Everyone else has their race to run and their flames to watch over till it guides them to their 10seconds of fame. But those hours, thousands of hours, sweat, tears and moments you so badly wanted to give up, no one cares about that. No one wants to know. They only appreciate the finished product. They only want to associate with the successful you. So you owe it to yourself, it’s the contract you signed with yourself, to make it against the odds.

So that road to success is not pretty, the tension, anger, tenacity and passion you put into it isn’t pretty either but hey, when you look back on it and ask yourself, “will I do this again?” your answer will always be “hell yes”. Because it was all you, all of your potential, all of your dreams, all of your effort, all of your sleepless nights and days when you never gave up on yourself. That moment when it amounts to something tangible, something worth showcasing, you know it was worth it. When you look back on it and realize it couldn’t have been uglier, that’s when you know it was worth every disappointment. You only needed a little determination, a little doing and belief in yourself. … More The road to success is not pretty, but it is worth it

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