FAQs after saying ‘I do’

Understanding that there is no school for fundamental lifestyle such as marriage, third parties often give advice based on their own experiences but we must understand that no two marriages will ever be the same, not even if two twins were to marry each other’s twin. Just as our hearts beat differently, so does our situations and circumstances differ. … More FAQs after saying ‘I do’

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Dating Choices – Mature Women

I have a friend who ran a series about why women in their 30’s are still single. She sites very interesting reasons such as negative body language, the company you keep, immaturity and the likes. In most cases, it’s not so much of what you think you deserve, it’s what you’re attracting or not attracting that determines what eventually happens for you. Take for instance a lady who thinks she’s overdue for marriage and she can’t cook neither does she want to make the attempt but when you ask her what she wants in a relationship, she counts patience in her man as a number one factor. No word! … More Dating Choices – Mature Women

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He loved her anyway

I discovered this new blog yesterday and I’m enchanted already. More because it centers on female advocacy that I try to dabble into once in a while. One of the stories I read reminded me of a story a friend recounted to me years ago. Allow me to share with you.

Fadeke is now in her 40s. She’s been married for almost 10years but more than half of that time, her husband has been with this same girl and Fadeke is fully aware of it all – where she works, where she leaves, how her husband sees her every single day of the week and so on. Of course, she’s not fine with it but since her faith is different now, she believes there’s no battle you can’t win on your knees. So she does 21days fasting, dry fast, 40days, and mountain praying till she was diagnosed with peptic ulcer. Has it worked for her? I honestly don’t know. I personally don’t like to be overly interested in the aspect of people’s lives they wish away. … More He loved her anyway

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Getting married: Why men get married

As a young girl, I thought that the first person to get intimate with me would be my husband and I’m sure a lot of other girls wished that too. Not until life and its many complications, disappointments and flaws set in. Then you realize it’s not entirely up to you to decide these things. But I know a woman essentially marries for love, maybe money as a huge determining factor as well. Hey, who wouldn’t want some financial security? But the whole issue of marrying for the right reasons is another topic entirely which we won’t go into right now. Maybe few women marry for the 6 packs too but I’m sure you’ll find very few women who marry for that. Am I digressing? I think so. But essentially, I thought men get married because they find that special one who strikes a chord of love in their hearts. I’m thinking again, wishful thinking.

So why do men get married?

These are not typical man answers but they might be the answers you’ll get from Nigerian men if asked why he got married or want to get married.
More Getting married: Why men get married

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