The memories of you

Ideal love only exits in my head

Or maybe I never stopped living in the memories you gave.

Building on my fantasies of romance and ideal

Secrets hidden beneath

Beautiful and perfect in itself

If it’d be captured in pictures, it’d be larger than life

But time couldn’t hold us down … More The memories of you

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I see the love in your voice. I hear it in your eyes

When you say to me,

“I try hard to stop loving you”

With the wavering confidence with which you speak those words,

And in your teary eyes,

Wrong as it sounds, I hear the love in your eyes.

I see it in your voice.

Even if you didn’t speak at all,

You give yourself away in more ways than you didn’t even realize.

It’s screaming out from those innocent eyes,

It’s glaring in your indecisiveness.

And it only assures me even more.

Because your eyes – they tell me how much you love me

And in your voice – I see your resistance to the natural affection you have for me.

It’s not you.

Just be you and love me

Because I haven’t stop loving you. … More I see the love in your voice. I hear it in your eyes

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