Fountain of Love

Have you ever wondered how sweet the mystery is that a fountain never runs dry?

Never gets old, wanting more of that jetting beauty,

The gush of waters, never tired, never diminished, unreserved.

If love were a fountain, gushing unreserved desire, how willing are you to accept it?

Seeing, knowing, assured, yet it gets old and we’ve place a tag on it.

The essence is lost only because true love is at no financial implication

Yet we let it slide so easily because it came so easily. … More Fountain of Love

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Oh my Heart!

You are my journey

You are my destination as well

Living without you is tough, O heart!

You are present in my prayers

Your absence tries me

You are necessary to complete me   

Even if I have received only pain from you,

As I have received it from you, I will always seek you … More Oh my Heart!

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I see you!

If loving is gifting

I’m glad I got the best gift

It’s not for what you are or who are you

I know plenty of people with eyes closed

They don’t see you like I do

But darling, it’s what you are and who you are to me. … More I see you!

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His eyes don’t lie

He’s a man of very few words

I don’t even know how I understand him most of the time

He’s a man of very few words

But his hands touch me often in a way that tells me how much he loves me

He’s a man of very few words

He doesn’t even know what to say to make me feel better

All he needs do is turn his face to me

And I can clearly see the love and hurt and pain and anxiety and want in his eyes

Only for me

That’s how I know his eyes don’t lie

And it’s just because his eyes don’t lie … More His eyes don’t lie

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