How To Be Less Lonely Over The Holidays

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Are you having fun yet? Well, that’s if you’re not the one spending all the time in the kitchen. I hope you don’t fall into the category of people who have no one to spend the holidays with or gotten the holiday blues already. If it’s your first holiday feeling lonely, let’s help explore ways to ensure this never happens again and who knows? Maybe you can still help the situation and make the most of it. So let’s find creative ways to be less lonely during the holiday. … More How To Be Less Lonely Over The Holidays

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The love and her life

Loneliness seemed the nature of her and nothing else, no one else mattered in her space. She was contented in whom she was and where she was in her life. Until she fell in love.

She gave it her all – the good, the bad and the not-so-pretty. When she fell in love, she hid nothing. When she fell in love, she did fall hard, no holds bar. Becoming a freer version of herself, almost as though she was constantly high on something. The world was suddenly different. And for a moment it seemed perfect, beautiful – just as the world ought to be. Complete, wonderful and beautiful.

Until what was once magical became taunting. The hostility became a spare to her heart yet she purposed to take it like one of the boys and laugh it off while she ached so badly.

She knew at that moment that it was over. She admitted first to herself that it was over but then again she didn’t want it to be over. Holding on with every grip around her hand, she bruised even more. She should have let her wounds heal instead of touching it every now and again. She couldn’t let go. Until it became her undoing. Tough and unbothered as she hoped to appear, her condition had deteriorated so badly. Gasping regularly, laughing always, she didn’t realize she was losing her mind until she lost it all. The love and her life.
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