Relationship Appraisal

Yeepee! It’s the end of another year. Are you excited? Or maybe not. Did you have resolutions and targets at the beginning of the year? Did you tick them off as you achieved them? Or perhaps you got caught up in a lot of things and you were unable to realize your set goals.

Just as we set goals in our personal lives, we set goals at work or in our businesses as well with our relationships. It only gives us a sense of achievement when we actualize our targets and not just having them on paper. For the benefit of this article, we will be evaluating our relationship goals and appraising ourselves thus.

Why relationship evaluation though? … More Relationship Appraisal

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Your promise to me

I promise to hold your hand forever and for always
I promise to hold your hand through the good and the bad times
. . .
Are you still holding my hand?
I promised to hold it, didn’t I?
Just checking
. . .
Why did you left my hand?
I could barely feel my hand after a while.
I will hold your other hand if you want me to.
No. I don’t want the inconveniencing on my other hand
But you promised to hold my hand through the good and the bad times.
That was before I understood what it would feel like to be held down for the rest of my life.
But we promised.
I know.
I can hold you wherever else you want me to.
I don’t want to be held anymore.
But you promised.
I just don’t love you anymore.
More Your promise to me

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The Pusher

It’s generally advised that women should marry men who love more than they do and I heard it again today. “When you marry someone who loves you more, he’s able to carry on your relationship when every other thing seem to weigh you down”. Children, career, chores, family and every other thing that will demand attention and can be overwhelming. Women, generally, have the tendency to snap if not properly managed and this is when it is most appreciated when you have a man who loves you enough to be patient with you, a man who will not criticize you, a man who will appreciate your efforts, a man who wants to relieve you as much as possible so that he can enjoy the best of you. This will only happen if you marry a man who loves more in the relationship.

So what happens when a woman loves more?

I suppose women have the capacity to love more naturally. They care more, pamper, give attention and love naturally. No wonder women are often The Pusher in a marriage.

Who is a pusher and what is the role of a pusher in a relationship? My definition – A pusher is the one who is determined to sustain a relationship or marriage. It is the person who gives more, communicates more, makes more effort, holds up more, forgives more, loves more, and endures more. … More The Pusher

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Times like Weather

The afternoon was cold and windy. The rains poured heavily outside, the streets were deserted from the fierceness of it. It was as though the world was aware that the heavens were falling. The weather told the story of what was going on in Mr. Adeniji’s house. Though it was midday, it was drearily dark … More Times like Weather

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