Gender Inequality

What makes a father think it’s okay for a 5 year old son to have a glass of red wine but not acceptable for his grown wife to have a sip of it? What makes a man think it’s okay for him to live a full life and relegate a woman to the kitchen or be a partial participant in the “other room”? What makes a man think at all that it’s a man’s world? It’s all part of gender inequality treatment.

Psychology tells us that there are no differences between male and female intelligence. However, while men are significantly more likely to take risks than women, this trait enables them to get ahead more quickly than the average woman. Perhaps we owe the intuition in the male gender to segregate from the opposite sex to their more likelihood to be aggressive, a trait influenced by androgen exposure. … More Gender Inequality

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Getting married: Why men get married

As a young girl, I thought that the first person to get intimate with me would be my husband and I’m sure a lot of other girls wished that too. Not until life and its many complications, disappointments and flaws set in. Then you realize it’s not entirely up to you to decide these things. But I know a woman essentially marries for love, maybe money as a huge determining factor as well. Hey, who wouldn’t want some financial security? But the whole issue of marrying for the right reasons is another topic entirely which we won’t go into right now. Maybe few women marry for the 6 packs too but I’m sure you’ll find very few women who marry for that. Am I digressing? I think so. But essentially, I thought men get married because they find that special one who strikes a chord of love in their hearts. I’m thinking again, wishful thinking.

So why do men get married?

These are not typical man answers but they might be the answers you’ll get from Nigerian men if asked why he got married or want to get married.
More Getting married: Why men get married

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