In loving memory of my grandma

A woman of extreme strength, courage and love,
Who was beautiful, soft and now peaceful and free as a dove.
Someone on who our admiration was built around,
For her womanhood, wife, friend and grandmother.

My darling Grandma, I will forever hold you in my heart,
You were more than a mother to my mother,

You were her guardian angel, watching over her and fighting evil away from her.
I will always be grateful that you met my son, your great grandson.

How blessed you are!

I pray to blessed by the virtue of this rear opportunity in raising your great grandchildren.

My darling Grandma, I will always respect all you went through in your hardships and distinguished ways,
Your ability to hold yourself with such dignity and pride in all your days,
Your beauty shines in us all who were lucky to be part of your family,
I will carry you always in my mind and heart.

My darling Grandma, I pray that you continue to rest in peace for which you truly deserve,
For you are always remembered for your love and honor.
We love you always and forever and may God be with you. … More In loving memory of my grandma

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