Re-connect with yourself

So in these times of uncertainties, it has become inevitable to reconnect with one’s inner source, finding fulfilment derived from motivation. What keeps you hustling every day? Is it something from your past life? Perhaps it was lived in poverty and helplessness. Is it your children? Just knowing you want to give them the best of everything? Is it a fear for poverty in this life? Is it a past experience? Knowing one bad turn can lead to an irreversible disaster? Whatever it is that won’t let you stay down, now more than ever before, you need to re-align your focus and re-energize yourself for the next phase of your life.

Come to think of it, what are you working endlessly for? Money? Money is important but in most cases it’s not the critical factor that influences performance at the end of the day. And in some cases, offering more money can actually harm performance. If that sounds naive in the current climate, let’s consider one of the worst-case scenarios for a moment. This is where somebody loses their job or their business fails, and as a consequence loses their home. They and their family have to move out into poorer quality accommodation, lose many of their possessions and survive on a far more meagre budget than they are accustomed to. … More Re-connect with yourself

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Waking up on the wrong side of bed, what does that even mean?

I was sure I was going to have a good weekend. I had nothing planned but rest-off the stress headache and flu I have been struggling with but something I found to do led to other things until the weekend was over and I was unable to rest beside my night sleep. I was sure I was ready for the new week until I woke up on Monday morning looking and feeling like this:
My bed doesn’t have a wrong or right side as far as I’m concerned so if I hadn’t woken up on Saturday or Sunday morning like that, why Monday morning? Could it be the realization of work ahead? Its times like this that I like to look to one of my inspiration blogs for some encouragement and I found it when I saw Why Going To Work Is Good For You. Surprise! by Lili.
I totally agree. I can’t imagine how my life would have been without my work/job. I would be miserable. I used to be an introvert. I doubt I can still classify myself under this category. Maybe because I get to go out to work or I’m often thinking of escaping wife and mummy duties out of the house. Whichever way, keeping motivated, maintaining my balance, being happy in the midst of all duties is paramount for me. So a bit of everything is good for me really – work, wife, mummy and above all fulfilling my dreams.
And even though today, I feel like this:
I will not be moved by my feelings.
God help me.
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Tuesday Spur

Hi people!

Hope you’re all getting settled into the new week. Monday must have been great or fun for some of us. For those who struggled through it, cheer up. You’re still alive to struggle through it.

Motivating and encouraging each other has become an important part of human existence. Even the Bible says, “do not forsake the gathering of the brethren”. It does have its many advantages. We all need it, live for it, live by it and renew our inspiration and purpose by it. I always like to refer to my father because for as long as I can remember he has been the main feature in my life, my mentor and the first man in my life. From scolding me through elementary school when I wouldn’t get a simple math equation right to spoiling me silly with love to when he consistently, without warning, drops words of wisdom and encouragement which I’m still finding useful till date. A lot of my friends call me Daddy’s girl. I’m proud of it. I won’t have it any other way.

Love you too mom :*

Let me share a few of his words to encourage someone else this morning.
1.Progressive planning is the key to achieving your dreams.
2.Plan all you want, it doesn’t always mean things will work according to plan but at every point when it seems your plans aren’t working out, dig deep and reconnect with your inner purpose, your initial drive, and your dreams from childhood. Let it motivate you and keep you going, against the odds.
3.You are different from every other person, even from your siblings. It works for A might not work for you. Never run your life by anyone else’s standard. Run your race, live your life, stay focus and what is yours will come to you.
4.If you live or die, people already formed their opinion of you and will talk about you. So why not live to fulfil your happiness to the satisfaction of your conscience?

I say to myself that I am in no competition with anyone else but who I was yesterday. The race might be slow, but if stay the course, I know I will surely get there.

So be encouraged and reconnect with your initial zeal in your pursuit of prosperity.

Enjoy the rest of your week. 🙂
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Finding your motivation

Life isn’t a steady road. It has it’s ups and downs, curves and bends, joys and sorrows. While you could say these events are what makes life eventful, what makes the difference in each person’s perseverance and determination to succeed, despite the distractions, is the incentive we maintain. Locate what incentivizes you – in your … More Finding your motivation

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