Familiar Stranger: Series 2

It’s a no-brainer that Tunji got the job. He is competent and experienced for the job. His office is just opposite Desire’s. All the units in HR and Legal were on the third floor. HR was on one side and Legal was on the opposite side and it just happened that Desire and Tunji’s office were opposite each other.

In the early weeks of Tunji’s engagement with the company, he’s had to sit in many meetings with Desire and some other senior management team. As intimidating as his looks are, Desire didn’t let that disturb her concentration on the work that brought them together. Tunji noticed how she deliberately avoids him but he did nothing to mitigate the tension she was building between them. He often sees her with her ear plugs on while working through the glass door. She seems to be more engrossed in whatever she’s doing when she has her ear plugs on. … More Familiar Stranger: Series 2

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Familiar Stranger: Series 1

Life was usual, easy, and full of more ups and downs. It was nothing unusual for Desire and she often felt grateful for it. But for the few times when she let her fantasies get the better of her.

It all started one unassuming morning. Desire prayed for a miracle before she set out that morning. Her life had been a routine for so long, she needed some spontaneity in it. A good kind of surprise. … More Familiar Stranger: Series 1

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Familiar Stranger: Intro

Familiar is defined as something or someone well known from long or close association.

Who is a stranger?

The phenomenon of the “stranger” is the unity of liberation and the fixation of space. A stranger is someone who comes today and stays tomorrow rather than a person who comes today and is gone tomorrow. Get it? Otherwise, they wouldn’t be strangers if you see them only for a day and then no more. Those are acquaintances. It all comes down to distance really. Someone who is close to you is really far way and someone who is far from you is actually close by. Strangers can be close to us to an extent if we share a connection with each other. Our human nature brings us together so to say, it holds similar pattern of activities. … More Familiar Stranger: Intro

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