Fountain of Love

Have you ever wondered how sweet the mystery is that a fountain never runs dry?

Never gets old, wanting more of that jetting beauty,

The gush of waters, never tired, never diminished, unreserved.

If love were a fountain, gushing unreserved desire, how willing are you to accept it?

Seeing, knowing, assured, yet it gets old and we’ve place a tag on it.

The essence is lost only because true love is at no financial implication

Yet we let it slide so easily because it came so easily. … More Fountain of Love

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When love is for show, you’re bound to lose the essence of it all

Halt! We all strive for perfection, as individuals and as better halves but we all have our down times. No situation is permanent and none is perfect. In the meantime, don’t put up appearances that isn’t sustainable. Better yet, don’t put up appearances that aren’t real. Yoruba people have a saying that translates, “when your yam is done, you protect it and eat it quietly”. In this context, I’d say, when you have it all good and rosy, keep it under wraps. If it’s good for you, all well and good but don’t come to social media and mislead your fans. People look up to you. When they later realize your life isn’t the pretty picture you’ve been painting, how do you think that makes them feel? For those aspiring to be like you, you’ve shattered their hope/dream. For those that never liked you anyway, you just made their day. … More When love is for show, you’re bound to lose the essence of it all

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