Calling on my readers, followers, online family & friends . . .

Dearest Readers,

So here’s me calling out to my readers, followers, online family and friends, asking for a favor to those who may be interested in reading my manuscripts and giving me their reviews on these books. This will help me in re-branding these books online and maybe help also in deciding if I will need to publish a hard-copy of Noise of the Market.

If you are interested to read/review, please send me an email on … More Calling on my readers, followers, online family & friends . . .

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How are you dealing with your wife’s evolution?

Someone said women change, hypothetically, every five years. Now the way a 25 year old lady will think and reason is different from what the priorities of a 30 year old woman are, which differs from what a 35 year old’s point of views and perspectives are about life and so on. If you find a married 25 year old lady and perhaps even working, she just feels blessed to be married and working and that sort of gives her satisfaction. She rolls with the routine by the day and everything is dandy. By the time she’s 30 years old and still has access to exposure, she’s probably thinking of more fulfilling things to do with her life now. … More How are you dealing with your wife’s evolution?

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If I were a bird

If I could be any animal I’d be a bird.

Coming and going as I please,

Taking advantage of the times and seasons,

Settling only in favorable places and fleeing from all appearance of discomfort,

Not giving to grounded limitations.

If I were a bird I’d be a lovebird.

A social and affectionate specie of parrot,

Striking, beautiful and impressive as I will be,

With my many colors to flaunt,

And intelligence to match my beauty,

I’d be a beatific heart throb.

If I were an animal I’d be blameless,

Obliged only to the things I have to and oblivious about the things that I can’t help.

If I were a bird I’d have no worries,

With freedom only as my cage, I’d have the ends of the earth as my playground.

Being a lovebird only best incarnates what I could have been but human.
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