Why men go for ladies they know they can’t have

Resist the urge. Date these women at your own risk.

It’s old news that we all sometimes want what we can’t have. That doesn’t make it less perilous but we dare ourselves sometimes believing that we can get away with almost anything. Here’s a list of some of those occasions you know you ought to run away from but you just find that you can’t help the craving to be otherwise. … More Why men go for ladies they know they can’t have

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Dating rules in the 21st century

Dating is a very interesting past time. It easily engulfs us when we happen to find that one person that makes life suddenly look beautiful. The conventional dating style is one man one woman; it’s the conventional equation to a relationship. Getting the best out of your relationship also depends on the patience to give as much into that relationship as you want out of it. This won’t happen if the practice is to keep changing relationships out of fear for negative eventualities or jumping from one person to another. One that beats my understanding the most is having two relationships simultaneously. My only question there is how is this even possible where there is love? … More Dating rules in the 21st century

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Dating Choices – Mature Women

I have a friend who ran a series about why women in their 30’s are still single. She sites very interesting reasons such as negative body language, the company you keep, immaturity and the likes. In most cases, it’s not so much of what you think you deserve, it’s what you’re attracting or not attracting that determines what eventually happens for you. Take for instance a lady who thinks she’s overdue for marriage and she can’t cook neither does she want to make the attempt but when you ask her what she wants in a relationship, she counts patience in her man as a number one factor. No word! … More Dating Choices – Mature Women

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