Where’s your heaven?

Hi people!

It would seem cliché to post this article on a Sunday – it’s Sabbath and I’m talking about heaven. Anyway, so yesterday being Saturday I was at home with my family. The past one week has been something else, health-wise for me but its times like this that I know more than ever before that there has to be a God (who sits in the hearts of men who believe in Him) and rules the affairs of them. All the while my kids won’t stop going, ‘mommy I want this, mommy I want that’. Phew! Kudos to moms.

So just in a brief moment of yesterday, I got some relief from all the pain and discomfort and in that moment I thought, “What a relief. This feels like heaven”.

And my thoughts can go from just watching a butterfly to the wildest thoughts sometimes. I then began to think, if in this brief moment of relief it felt like bliss, like heaven then what is heaven? Where is heaven? What would it feel like? What would it look like? … More Where’s your heaven?

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