Limitations of Blogging

If you’ve ever visited a blog on a website and noticed it hasn’t been updated for a year, or more you’ll know it looks bad. A dead blog is worse than no blog at all which is my number fear in blogging. If you are going to blog on your own site or even one of the free blogging platforms it’s crucial that you have a regular posting schedule. That way, your readers know your pattern of posting and can always come back at certain times (calculated as your peak view times) and be sure to find something interesting to read. However, this possess as another challenge – consistency.    … More Limitations of Blogging

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Helping You Get Back Your Speed – 10 “R”s To Career Reinvention

The “start over” experience is relatively different for individuals. It depends on your previous job and the level of success you have attained. However, some protocols still remain the same. I am a trained engineer, and I worked at a paint manufacturing factory in 2013. Making the decision to leave my “okay” job and become a speaker and a blogger was a really difficult task for me. I took the leap eventually in search of purpose. But even for the medieval explorers, straying into the unknown wasn’t easy.

If you’re trying to reinvent your career, or resume at a previously held position, here’s a list of helpful tips that helped me. They can also lead you back on track to becoming a more fulfilled working person. Here is what I’d love to call the 10-R step to career reinvention. … More Helping You Get Back Your Speed – 10 “R”s To Career Reinvention

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I appreciate my followers

Happy new year to y’all once again. 2016 has undoubtedly started off on a brilliant note. May no one cast an evil eye on this brilliance.

Wordpress was in fact one of my strongholds in 2015. I met wonderful bloggers here, followed some brilliant blogs, and had some amazing wonderful people follow me as well.

Sometimes, I feel I’ll be out of ideas to keep my page alive forever but once I know I still have thoughts, I know I will always find something to write. I only pray its good enough to keep engaging my readers. I don’t aim to disappoint.

So here’s me raising my glass to those who made 2015 a bearable year and looking forward to a better 2016!
More I appreciate my followers

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