Beautifully broken

If I love you from a distance, it wouldn’t impart differently on your heart

If I cry for you every day, it wouldn’t change how detached you are to my emotions

If I yearn for you every minute, it wouldn’t utter the course of your day

And even if it kills me to be apart from you as much as my heart moves me to be with you,

It wouldn’t shorten the days of your laughter.

For you are loved already,

Adorned in your entirety

And I’m just a beautifully broken heart

Loving you without appreciation

Praying for you without your consent

Claiming you without permission

I could love you with all the love in the world

And it wouldn’t compare to anything

Because my love in fact is nothing

Meaning nothing

Amounting to nothing

Producing nothing

Yet I choose to let it be my purpose

Because loving you without your consent is entirely my business
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