“Busy” Is Not a Badge of Honor, It’s what’s killing your dreams

Working a 10-hour day is not the same as being “busy.” If you’re truly putting in 10-hour days, it should be because the work you’re currently doing requires you to be there for exactly ten hours.

“Busy” does not guarantee that you are making strides and growing your business.

“Busy” means you are probably doing a lot of work you shouldn’t be doing in the first place.

“Busy” means you secretly want recognition for your efforts, or for someone to commend you for your “hustle.”

“Busy” means there is a good chance you’ve let things get out of control.

The reality is this: succeeding entrepreneurs are rarely “busy.” Sure, there are seasons of their business where “busy” describes their current circumstances. But there’s a 0% chance they are sitting next to you telling you about it during those periods of time. Chances are they are some place off the grid getting things done. … More “Busy” Is Not a Badge of Honor, It’s what’s killing your dreams

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Emotions & Health Connects

It’s amazing how every sphere of our lives are intertwined in each other. How the intangible things can affect the tangible things for instance. This is proven true in a health talk I read recently as it addresses emotional balance and general well-being. How does this affect general well-being, you might ask? Well, shall we explore this together?

Let’s have an understanding of what health is for starters. Health is the state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Hence, the absence of optimal function in one area does depict the deficiency in total well-being of an individual.

Emotional well-being can be described as being confident, having a solid self-esteem, building trust, and being able to understand another’s feelings without biases. Have you ever assumed for someone only to find that what you’re implying isn’t at all what they have in their minds? Has this happened to you more than once perhaps? Has it also occurred to you that perhaps you are constantly assuming the wrong things because your mind is actually what’s playing tricks on you? … More Emotions & Health Connects

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