This Is Our Pride: Green White Green

It’s not pride, it is confidence

That Nigeria will rise again

It’s not speculation, it’s the assurance we have

That we shall see our dreams for a great nation fulfilled before our eyes.

Every little baby has the power to be great

And every tall tree grew up from some mustard seed

If we believe it, we will achieve it

If we work it, we will harvest the good therein

We are Nigeria

Not the greedy politicians’ victims

We continue to fight

Not for better leaders

After all, no single leader is worth dying for

But we persist

Because this is who we are

Green White Green

And this is our pride
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Nigeria @ 57: Empowerment & Succession

Instead of restricting the talents and silencing the opinions of fresh minds, instead of overprotecting and guiding on same paths that go nowhere, we can maybe let the young ones live a little, make their own mistakes and trust that they will learn better from their own mistakes. All minds are not equal, one that is academically inclined might not be good with anything else and the other who is inclined in other gifted areas may not be academically. Learn to observe, listen and nurture the seed that is deposited for the benefit of the community in your child. … More Nigeria @ 57: Empowerment & Succession

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Early/Child marriage

Growing up, there was a Northern family who lived in my father’s backyard. It was a family of 2 girls, both in their teens. The elder was 16 years old when she was given away in marriage. When I asked questions, I gathered she had been betrothed from a much early age but her betroth chose to keep her in her parents’ house for grooming. I couldn’t understand this. So I wondered what age exactly she must have been betrothed and if she would have been aware of what happened at the ceremony or the giveaway agreement, as I choose to call it, or if she would even understand what it meant to be married. … More Early/Child marriage

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Aren’t we encouraging corruption in an anti-corrupt dispensation?

Nigeria, under Change dispensation, has been experiencing a lot of “changes” which aren’t favorable to the people but some of us choose to stand by our decision. Believing that the change we want though might not be easy but we trust that the government is on the right track to getting us back where we need to be. Having said that, while my salary hasn’t increased and thousands of people are still losing their jobs across organizations, how does the government expect us to keep up with the news delivered by the Minister of petroleum. On the 11th of May, Mr. Ibe Kachikwu announced the deregulation of the downstream sector of the petroleum industry, effectively ending fuel subsidy which leaves us now with a new price for petrol at N145 per litre. That’s over 65% increase. Chai!

Not that we haven’t suffered the adverse effects leading to this eventual situation but if we must suffer any further, shouldn’t there be an alignment with the masses? Shouldn’t there be a consideration for the masses out of jobs? Or the civil servants whose minimum wage can’t afford a bag of rice or put into consideration the new price of the now overrated tomato? (Breathing out)

The Nigeria Labour Congress has now insisted on a nationwide indefinite strike which commenced today based on a deadlock meeting with the Federal Government of Nigeria. Whether I’m staying at home indefinitely or not, it doesn’t alleviate the sufferings we are facing in Nigeria or take away the fact that I have been suffering to get fuel at even more outrageous prices than N145 in the past 6 months. Neither does it imply that my salary will be increased by my organization to suit the increased fuel price or the overrated tomato price. So biko, both NLC and Federal Government, is anyone exactly fighting for the benefit of the people? Where was NLC when people were risking their lives and suffering to buy fuel in the tanks of their generators, risking lives and properties? I just want to plead the cause of the masses so that both NLC and Federal Government arise to their responsibilities, align with Nigerians and let us understand what is happening so we can all buy into the idea of change that you sold so beautifully to us. Because if the government isn’t going to help me alleviate my issues and NLC is not exactly being considerate, how do we achieve zero corruption in our country?

Just my thoughts.
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Suffering and Smiling!

“Every day my people dey inside bus

Forty-nine sitting, ninety-nine standing

Them go pack themselves in like sardine

Them dey faint, them dey wake like cock

Them go reach house, water no dey

Them go reach bed, power no dey

Them go reach road, go-slow go come

Them go reach road, police go slap

Them go reach road, army go whip

Them go look pocket, money no dey

Them go reach work, query ready

Every day na the same thing”

Shuffering and Shmiling is an album composed, bandleader, and multi-instrumentalist Fela Kuti recorded in 1977. Pardon my emphasis but the year is now 2016. Noticed much difference yet?

I was on the road a few days ago going someplace Google Maps calculated to me was to take 58mins. Thank God I like to be early and ready when I have appointments so I set out 2hrs prior to my appointment time. I was lucky to be there about 2mins after my scheduled time, meaning I used 2hrs 2mins on a trip that would have usually taken 30mins on a day like Sunday morning.

What I saw on the roads were devastating – long queues at filling stations, generators coming off and on Okadas or Keke Napep at filling stations, rowdy roads, Police and Army officers trying to keep people and traffic under control (suffice it to mention I didn’t notice any FRSC ((Federal Road Safety Corp)) official on the roads at all). Simply put, it was pathetic. I ended up spending 7hrs on the road on a trip within Lagos metropolis. And I couldn’t help but wonder, what would Fela say about this?

55years of Independence! Nigeria!
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My Vote, My Choice

    Politics and it’s dirty tactics, can it ever be otherwise? In a country like Nigeria, it’s getting dirtier by the election. It’s another election in a few weeks and efforts are put into all sorts of scams, violence, lies, false manifestos and “God-knows-what”. To whom it may concern, don’t educate me about what … More My Vote, My Choice

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