Someone once asked me, ‘why penguin?’

And I asked, ‘why not?’

‘But I really want to know’

So I said, ‘Google it’.

He comes back days later and says,

‘Now I understand the mystery that is you a little better’.

‘Tell me’, I said.

‘It’s a metaphor, that’s why you don’t usually perform the way people expect you to. You’re spontaneous and owing no explanations. And even though you want to believe that you’re conventional, there’s nothing conforming about you. And those sharp contrast colors of the penguin signify this unconventional nature. On one hand, you can be tough. On the other, you can be loving’.

‘Hmm’, I looked uninterested.

I didn’t research all of those to know I liked the unique love of the penguins. Their loyalty through a lifetime endeared me. I didn’t need his lecture too.

 ‘And if you haven’t loved, let me prove to you that I’m worth your loyalty’, he said.

‘But I’m already happily spoken for’.

‘Touché’. … More Penguin

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The song in my heart


To the song here in my heart
A melody I started
But I will complete
Now I’m done believing you
You don’t know what I’m feeling
I’m more than what you’ve made of me
I followed the voice you think you gave to me
But now I’ve got to find my own
My own. … More The song in my heart

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How music is shaping the next generation

If we as adults and parents are even deceived and blinded to these hip music and we can’t see the harm to the next generation, how can we correct and protect or even preserve the world? Everything in the world, every part of life has a rippling effect that shapes what the next generation turns out to be. It’s like eating a poisoned apple, golden shinny apple on the outside and perhaps tastes heavenly but the side effect on the health is in the nearest future. I fear to see what contemporary music will turn the world to in the next two decades just much as I am afraid for what the future holds in a corrupt upwardly mobile world. … More How music is shaping the next generation

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Lovely Jazz by Omawumi

“I no sure” is the new release from the multi-talented Nigerian artiste, Omawumi. The song talks about moving on from a failed relationship. It portrays being strong in the face of a breakup. Timeless, the album title, is an epic masterpiece that’ll take you on a soulful journey through diverse genres of music, laced with amazing vocals. … More Lovely Jazz by Omawumi

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A long walk home

It’s hard to say from where I stand
Exactly when it all began
But someplace there’s a point you cross the line
You see the tears than stain my face
Mirrored in my make-up case
I know it’s time to leave this place behind
But it’s a long way home
Trying to retrace my steps
It’s all too easy to forget
Just which way to go
This is going to be one long way home … More A long walk home

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Even then

Each night will bring another day
Another chance for me to say
Your arms are all I’m living for and loving in
And even then the farthest star
Will find us anywhere we are
I will love you till the end
And even then … More Even then

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