Saved the Last Dance

They say some people spend their lives never knowing love. The kind you never want to lose. And if you do, you should to be grateful that you once experienced something beautiful most people spend their whole lives never experiencing. Like in the lyrics of Alicia Keys. They say you can only ever truly love … More Saved the Last Dance

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The Royal Wedding: Groundbreaking History

For one, the bride is not even British and every other thing that came along with that seemed to be overlooked and embraced. Perhaps, someone fought or had to fight the good fight of faith to have something so different be so gloriously celebrated.

In blessed memory of Princess Diana, she was her own strong personality the Monarchy had to crack. Bringing her passion for people and fashion into an environment with high walls of protocol and panache, she broke free for the likes of Kate Middleton and Meghan Merkle to have a smooth transition to being their own persons while adopting the royal styles. … More The Royal Wedding: Groundbreaking History

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Her King & Her

For to have is to hold, for richer or poorer,

In sickness or health, in good or bad times till death only

Yet he became unforgiving only because she became unrelenting

A little patience and smile

Yet became unbearable till realizations were made clear … More Her King & Her

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Someone once asked me, ‘why penguin?’

And I asked, ‘why not?’

‘But I really want to know’

So I said, ‘Google it’.

He comes back days later and says,

‘Now I understand the mystery that is you a little better’.

‘Tell me’, I said.

‘It’s a metaphor, that’s why you don’t usually perform the way people expect you to. You’re spontaneous and owing no explanations. And even though you want to believe that you’re conventional, there’s nothing conforming about you. And those sharp contrast colors of the penguin signify this unconventional nature. On one hand, you can be tough. On the other, you can be loving’.

‘Hmm’, I looked uninterested.

I didn’t research all of those to know I liked the unique love of the penguins. Their loyalty through a lifetime endeared me. I didn’t need his lecture too.

 ‘And if you haven’t loved, let me prove to you that I’m worth your loyalty’, he said.

‘But I’m already happily spoken for’.

‘Touché’. … More Penguin

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10 things I’ve learnt in 2016

I know we still have a few days to go in 2016 but I was just thinking over how fast the year has been. It might have been the fastest year yet but I wanted to be sure I didn’t miss a thing and more importantly that I took some life lessons off of 2016 to better me in 2017.

Some of the below lessons aren’t exactly peculiar to 2016 but they have been more resounding and practically effective for me this year. … More 10 things I’ve learnt in 2016

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People who love each other don’t stay angry with each other

The beauty of my life!

My daughter: Mommy, welcome. (Holds out the door for me)

Me: (Tired and stressed from work) How are you?

My daughter: I’m fine. (Gives me a big smile)

Me: (I couldn’t help but smile back)

My daughter: Mommy, carry me.

Me: (I obey).

My daughter: (She kisses me) Mommy, we should have a cool secret greeting.

Me: Ok.

My daughter: She kisses me 3 times on the lip then one kiss each on my cheeks.

Me: (I smile). That’s cool.

My daughter: (She smiles) Let’s do it again.

Me to my son: Should we try it too?

My son: (He wants to but he was shy but kisses me on the lip and cheeks too).

My daughter: I love you. You are my best mommy ever (She hugs me tight again as I put her down.

Me: I love you too. You are my best daughter ever. (Smiles).

Later in the night, after dinner and baths,

Me: It’s time for bed.

My daughter: But I don’t want to sleep now.

Me: Please go to bed (changing my face)

My daughter: (Grumbles to bed).

Me: (I tuck them in).

My daughter: (Comes down from bed first to drink water, then to pee after the initial pee, then to pick her teddy, then to drink water again …) Me: (Getting angry) You need to stop coming out of bed and go to sleep.

My daughter: (Does her usual puppy face) But you said you loved me

Me: And so?

My daughter: People who love each other don’t stay angry with each other

Me: People who love each other don’t upset each other.

Morale of the story – While getting angry may be normal, love ought to make it difficult to stay angry at those who are dare to our hearts. My little girl talks some sweet realities sometimes.

Have a lovely evening people.
More People who love each other don’t stay angry with each other

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The moment my life changed forever

Growing up, I didn’t to like babies, especially crying babies. It was either crying babies or dirty diaper baby or drooling baby or something awful like that till my Mom had my two little baby sisters, especially the last one. Awwwwww J I still flush all over just thinking about her even when she’s a tall glass of creamy goodness now. We call each other soul mates. Like seriously guys, we are. It’s weird. We even finish each other’s sentences. Anyway, back to the subject.

So my Mom had my baby sisters and I fell in love with babies, well, my babies. With or without the crying, I was always mommy to them. I looked forward to having children of my own so much that I told my Mom I couldn’t wait. I didn’t understand why she slapped me when I said that. But thinking about it now, maybe she wasn’t seeing it my way. She probably was focusing on the act you do that leads to pregnancy. Hmm. Anyway, so I had that longing until I watched this documentary once on TV about a woman delivering a baby and I cried out so much and cursed. I couldn’t imagine going through that but here I am. God has been kind to me. I’m a Mommmmmmmy. J

I wanted more to be a Mommy than to be married. Did I just say that out loud? Sorry hon. But of course, I wanted to do it the right way. I knew I would give more attention to my children once they started to come but the experience in actuality is more beautifully indescribable at that moment when I birthed my son.

God is indeed awesome. The pain, the labor, the anxiety, all that was daunting but I knew I would carry my baby in my arms in a few hours and when I did, not even the effect of the epidural in my system could stop me from forcing a sit-up in just a few hours.

I remember a friend of mine congratulating me while asking me if I would do it all over again. I answered an emphatic YES because when your baby curls his tiny hands around your one finger and smiles at you even when you’re not sure he understands the movement on his lips and in his eyes, you know it was worth it. They say you forget the pain of childbirth after you see your baby. Maybe, I can’t say that but pain or no pain, childbirth changed my life. Being a Mommy, sleepless nights till date and all, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.
More The moment my life changed forever

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2015’s ending: Recounting 365 days

There’s no doubt that each year comes with its own ups and downs and no two years can be the same. Heck, not even any two days can be the same. We strive, hustle, aiming for better days year on year. It’s the end of another year and I am thankful for family, friends, work, innovation, initiative, today and hopeful for what tomorrow brings.

I have worked a year, non-stop this year. No relocation or moving houses – thank God! I have watched my children grow older, more intelligent and achieved more this year – and I almost had nothing to do with it. It’s all God and their devotion to shine. My husband and I have grown together, more matured and more responsible. I have cried less this year – yes, I used to be a cry cry baby but like I said, I’m more mature now and I deal with situations better.
More 2015’s ending: Recounting 365 days

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Memoir on Happiness

Hi people! It’s been a tensed few days for me after 2weeks of holiday. Who would have thought I was coming back home to a tight schedule. Phew! So my mood too has been up and down, disconnected from my emotions more like because I had to throw myself into work and another activities. Before … More Memoir on Happiness

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