Life without Women and Music

Now 71-year-old, Pantoja who lives in a small cold house in the village of Rante, has insisted that life has been much harder since he was taken from his natural home. He also admitted that he tried to return to the mountains, adding ‘it is not what it used to be’ and that the wolves don’t see him as a ‘brother’ anymore. In his interview, he said, “I think they laugh at me because I don’t know about politics or football.” He was quick to quick that he’s found life with the humans bearable with women and music. … More Life without Women and Music

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How To Be Less Lonely Over The Holidays

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Are you having fun yet? Well, that’s if you’re not the one spending all the time in the kitchen. I hope you don’t fall into the category of people who have no one to spend the holidays with or gotten the holiday blues already. If it’s your first holiday feeling lonely, let’s help explore ways to ensure this never happens again and who knows? Maybe you can still help the situation and make the most of it. So let’s find creative ways to be less lonely during the holiday. … More How To Be Less Lonely Over The Holidays

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Looking for a relationship on Dating apps

I once spent too long casually dating someone I didn’t fancy in the relationship kind of way. At first, it was casual, nothing serious intended till he told me he wanted a relationship. For some reason, I couldn’t bring myself to fit into being his girlfriend until naturally, distance separated us. When the next guy I dated … More Looking for a relationship on Dating apps

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It’s wedding season! What are you wearing?

The thought of being a wedding guest got me thinking about the trending craze with wedding guests now, especially with the outrageous attires they wear. Girls are not smiling o. At all! Whether as the bride or a wedding guest, everyone just wants to dress to impress and that’s putting it lightly. From the face-beat to total transformation, ladies look unrecognizable when it comes to attending weddings. Well, for those still single, perhaps it’s a trending gimmick to snatch off eligible bachelors. But the craze is fast getting out of hand. … More It’s wedding season! What are you wearing?

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Part 7: Her new haven

I had never danced with a boy before, other than Omololu. Dancing with Dan was different, endearing. I found myself giving to him as much as he wanted me to get comfortable with him. We moved closer and closer to each other as though it was an opportunity we had both been waiting for. His cheek brush against my forehead felt like a kiss. It jolted me back to life. I moved back, then I looked at him in the eye. … More Part 7: Her new haven

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How music is shaping the next generation

If we as adults and parents are even deceived and blinded to these hip music and we can’t see the harm to the next generation, how can we correct and protect or even preserve the world? Everything in the world, every part of life has a rippling effect that shapes what the next generation turns out to be. It’s like eating a poisoned apple, golden shinny apple on the outside and perhaps tastes heavenly but the side effect on the health is in the nearest future. I fear to see what contemporary music will turn the world to in the next two decades just much as I am afraid for what the future holds in a corrupt upwardly mobile world. … More How music is shaping the next generation

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When love is for show, you’re bound to lose the essence of it all

Halt! We all strive for perfection, as individuals and as better halves but we all have our down times. No situation is permanent and none is perfect. In the meantime, don’t put up appearances that isn’t sustainable. Better yet, don’t put up appearances that aren’t real. Yoruba people have a saying that translates, “when your yam is done, you protect it and eat it quietly”. In this context, I’d say, when you have it all good and rosy, keep it under wraps. If it’s good for you, all well and good but don’t come to social media and mislead your fans. People look up to you. When they later realize your life isn’t the pretty picture you’ve been painting, how do you think that makes them feel? For those aspiring to be like you, you’ve shattered their hope/dream. For those that never liked you anyway, you just made their day. … More When love is for show, you’re bound to lose the essence of it all

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Getting older or what?!

Hi people!

Great weekend it was, yea?

It was restful for me, quiet and normal. Not until I got to work this morning and all I’m hearing is, how did you spend your valentine’s day yesterday? Like seriously, don’t let today be a drag already.

Don’t get me wrong, I love surprises. I love parties. I love love … urr … or maybe I used to. I don’t know anymore. Can I blame it on maturity? Growing responsibilities? Tiredness? Whatever it is, I am grateful for one thing … crap that, I’m grateful for a lot of things – family, work, good health and life. So yes, that’s how my Valentine’s Day went. It went and I am still grateful.

Now Easter, that’s a celebration to look forward to. 😀

Have a great day y’all.
More Getting older or what?!

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10 wrong reasons why people go to church

What are the possible wrong reasons why people go to church?

Here are a few I could think of:
1.To get/ask something from God – of which the main purpose should be to serve God, regardless, unconditionally, gratefully.
2.To find potential husband – single ladies, holla! Whether or not a Christian brother can be a good husband or not is another subject on its own. Good luck to you.
3.To keep up appearance – with the intention of ‘the more you see, the more the person comes to mind’.
4.For social networking – that’s the in-thing anyway. Everywhere, the advantage to being relevant is networking and some people see no bounds to where they can go their networking.
5.To show off wardrobe – I personally know some people who have never worn a dress twice to church. How will you know they just bought the latest lace?
6.Special attachment to the Pastor – draw your conclusion from here
7.Benefits from church – perhaps because the church gives offers, throws parties, organizes functions, gives gifts or promotes social status.
8.Affiliation – when the church has large or small number of members who attend or important or influential people attend or the church building is large and beautiful, you can find people attending just to affiliate with the church.
9.Generational house of service – you find some people attending a particular church because they were born there or because their parents attended or are still attending the church. In most of these cases, the essence of worship is lost. It then becomes more of a responsibility.
10.Because everyone else is going to church – some people go to church plainly for the sake of adding to the number of church attendance. Nothing more.

Do you know some other wrong reasons why people go to church? Include them in the comment section and let’s share thoughts.
More 10 wrong reasons why people go to church

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