I see you!

If loving is gifting

I’m glad I got the best gift

It’s not for what you are or who are you

I know plenty of people with eyes closed

They don’t see you like I do

But darling, it’s what you are and who you are to me. … More I see you!

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Just like Beauty & The Beast

When I rested in your branches,

A little rest, I thought,

But I’ve been held here still.  

Caught in your web,

Got me feeling like Beauty with the Beast.

Be my Prince Charming, I thought,

And one day more magical than the next.

Your tricks got me lost in the beauty of your palace. … More Just like Beauty & The Beast

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You distract me
But I’m distracted without you.
I don’t know how to focus
Baby, teach me how to.
‘Cause I’m standing still again
But if you love me
Just like the way that I love you
I wouldn’t mind a little comforting from you.
Why do I let you in my head?
I gotta go sometimes,
But you’re always on my mind. … More Helplessly

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Just the way I am

I was proud of my heart

Until I realized it was too weak for love

I’m no warrior for love,

Even though I wish I could be as explicit as the feeling inside

It still wouldn’t be enough

Because such is my fate.

You think I talk a lot of gibberish

But perhaps if you made us as uncomplicated

You would find beauty in my words here in my heart

I said there was no room for love here

Yet you were willing to make me promises

You first loved

But I’m the one who became needy

My head’s under water

I’m struggling to be alright

I want to think of you only half as much as you think of me

But I have not become a slave to my feeling for you

I am struggling to be alright

I do not want you to see me shatter

But in truth,

This is what I have become

But I would rather live a life of unrequited love

Than not know the feeling at all

I wouldn’t change a thing

 Because I love me

Just the way that I am … More Just the way I am

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Two peas in a pod

You are me

Perhaps it’s a good thing

Until I find all of my flaws mirrored back at me.

In growing, we learn to be better

Not because we are running from who we are

But because we aim to be better versions of ourselves.

Just as much as I don’t want to lose me

I don’t want to lose you

Because I am you and you are me. … More Two peas in a pod

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Is love more physical than emotional?

The essence of this article is not to get into what love is and what it isn’t but to appreciate the man and woman’s demonstration of their understanding of love. Like what is love for a woman and what does it mean for a man? When a woman says ‘I miss you’, what does she really mean and what is it for a man to utter those words? … More Is love more physical than emotional?

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After all that’s said and done, the things that matter

While some degree of complexity in a relationship is healthy for sustenance, we ought to be mindful to protect, keep and invest in the things we want to matter in the long run. People – relationships are one of the things that will stand by you and the test of time, especially in your old age. Cherish one another, appreciate one another, respect one another – after all, really the best things in life isn’t about the dough.   … More After all that’s said and done, the things that matter

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