No Expectations

Have no expectations!

Of people,

Of situations,

Of opportunities, etc.

Earn everything you have!

Until I accepted my mother’s prayer

‘Little work, big gain’.

‘Other men labor, and you enter into their labors’.

Disappointment is far from him who has no expectations

But how do you work towards anything,

How do you have a goal,

When do you know you’ve reached that point of satisfaction without expectations?

We’re all human,

There will be disappointments –

In the weather,

In the way that cloth fit,

In the government,

In the way your body feels after a night of drinks and pleasure.

Maybe even heartbroken in the way certain disappointments hit.

Just like a bad thought in the middle of a sermon,

Like a bad taste in the mouth,

You taste it,

You spit it out,

You wash out your mouth,

And throw in a mint for fresh breath.

You may be heartbroken, disappointed and it leaves the most horrible taste in your mouth,

It’s OK, you’re human

You may cry, wail, and tire yourself of it,

It’s OK, you may need that to heal.

But never forget yourself in that lost state of mind

Where you can’t pick yourself up

Where you don’t know how to pick yourself up

Where everyone who came before you trample on you and leave you there

Where everyone who’s waited to see you lose find you lost.

All things may be lawful, but not all things are helpful and edifying.

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