Saved the Last Dance

They say some people spend their lives never knowing love. The kind you never want to lose. And if you do, you should to be grateful that you once experienced something beautiful most people spend their whole lives never experiencing. Like in the lyrics of Alicia Keys.

They say you can only ever truly love one person all your life and any other never matches up to that true love. So for those in the category of Shola Ama who choose to believe in loving over and over again no matter how many times the heart breaks, does that make the heart unfaithful?

Can the heart be confused?

But for hope, for well-being, for balance, for joys and happiness, for love, you keep trying for as many times as you may require because there’s just this satisfaction that comes with being deeply loved by someone and loving someone deeply – there is strength and courage – you just know that you can stand tall with a confident smile.

So you’ve danced at different arenas, you’ve performed on different platforms, you’ve given your best even when you thought you couldn’t have given more just to satisfy yourself, to encourage yourself that you can be better for someone else.

But who are we to control the thoughts, feelings and actions of another person? People see only what they want to see. They believe only what they believe is the truth.

Who are we to say for sure what an outcome will be? Love is what it is. People are who they are. Both have nothing to do with each other often times yet it takes one to fulfil the other.

So when you think you’ve given it all, there is always still so much more to give.

So here we go again. Another floor, another dance? 

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