Sex Labels

When you think about what turns you on, and what attracts you to other people, what comes to mind?

While most people will automatically have their mind turn to the way someone makes you laugh, or because they are down to earth, bla bla bla, there are those who do not focus on those components when choosing a partner. For some, it is not about what resides on the outside, but rather, they find those they want to spend time with based on their intelligence and their mind. While most do consider intelligence something that aids attraction, sapiosexuals, find it to be the main point of sexual and soul connection. Intelligence for this group isn’t just a bonus, it is a necessity.

Ok so I’m sure you’re wondering what the labeling is about and why so deep? Well, certain definitions help us to understand or validate what we’re otherwise unable to put into words. There are also a bunch of sexual labels you will be surprised exists. Some are found in this article. But for the sake of a quick read, a sapiosexual is someone that is sexually and mentally turned on by smart people. Sapiosexuals are aroused by intelligence.

“Oh, that”, I’m sure you’d say.

You may know right away if you’re a sapiosexual or you may not be 100% sure, if you can relate to one or more of these signs, then you’re a sapiosexual.

1. Intelligence, and deep conversation, inspires you and turns you on.

While most people love a great conversation, you require it daily from the person you choose. When you hear someone talking about their thoughts, and the things that they question or know in life, you not only admire them, but you find yourself attracted to them on a level unlike any other.

2. Credentials don’t matter. When looking for potential partners, intelligence is always at the top of your list.

You dig deeper into human beings. If there isn’t much below the surface, you find yourself bored and uninterested. You can’t even fathom being with someone like that for the rest of your life. You crave intelligence, to you it is exciting, and it takes precedence over what someone does for a living, or how much money they have.

3. You love debating.

If someone challenges you to a debate, you find yourself drawn to them on a deeper level. In them, you discover a counterpart who will always expand your mind, and who doesn’t shy away from using their knowledge to test or entice you. You don’t find these kinds of people stubborn or pretentious, either. You admire their eagerness, and their thirst for smart conversation.

4. Physical attraction is great, but conversation is better.

Yes, you need to be physically attracted to someone in order to be with them. However, if they are simply just a pretty face, you tire easily. To you, conversation is key, and no matter how attractive someone is, if they cannot hold one, and if they cannot deepen your knowledge, they aren’t worth your time.

5. The more you get to know someone, the more attracted to them you are.

While most people often find themselves enthralled with someone right away, you ease into relationships and attractions. For you, you always discover a diamond in the rough — someone who may not initially be the shiniest person in the room, but who holds within them depth and a thirst for life the more and more you dig into who they are. When you slowly discover someone’s wit, someone smarts, their emotional intelligence, the way they speak, the way they resolve conflicts, your attraction to them grows. You are slow and steady.

6. You are extremely turned off by foolishness.

You cannot stand those who need to assert themselves through aggression or over the top gestures. You have no tolerance for men or women who present as senseless and unravel easily. You find it attractive when someone can meet difficult situations with poise, and with intellect. You admire those who can rationalize their feelings, and who do not explode or fly off the handle, whenever things go wrong.

7. You are an incredible listener.

You love when people can teach you things, and this has caused you to improve your listening skills. You admire when those you care for are able to go on about something they learned, or something they find fascinating. Not only does this expand your mind, and connect with your value of conversation, but seeing someone so passionate about knowledge, and so capable of articulating it, makes you bubble over with admiration. You have no problem sitting still and listening to them for hours.

8. Bad grammar is one of your biggest turn offs.

If you start to talk to someone, and they text you things like “Hey what r u doing?” or use short forms, you just can’t comprehend it.

9. It’s not just about book smarts for you.

While most would think that being attracted to intelligence in others refers to their knowledge of topics that are tangible, that’s not the only kind of intelligence that draws you to someone. Instead, you also find emotional intelligence, and self-awareness incredibly sexy. You love when someone is in tune with their feelings, and you admire those who can rationalize and work through situations using their mind. You find that kind of maturity enticing.

So, do you think you fall in this category? Well, now you can better understand why you are the way you are sometimes.

Can you share any other sex labels you are familiar with and some of their peculiar habits?

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