Falling Lines


Thing gets more complex as we grow older.

In elementary school, a line is just a stroke, any stroke at all, curve or straight

It more or less is the beginning of writing.



In computer settings, we find that a line can either be thick or thin.

Well, whether thick or thin, what’s the definition of line in these concept?

“There’s a thin line between love and hate”

Can the definition in that concept also be used as

“There’s a thin line between strength and weakness?



Emotions well masked is probably the most hypocrite intelligence.

Whether love or hate, strength or weakness, it takes the same amount of emotion

Emotion channeled in whatever direction we choose.


When does love turn to hate?

How is strength measured?

Who decides the manifestations of love and hate?

How do you measure strength and weakness?

Till they are all masked, explained with cause, how do you decipher?

When does the line begin and where does it end?

. . . Buki Alamu

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