I love my worth and respect more than I can ever love you



Why is it termed ‘falling’ in love?

They say love makes us better people,

It brings out the best in us,

It gears us to take on the world,

Well, at least, that’s how I appreciate love.

It’s not only in the touches or kisses or hugs.

But then, what is love without the touch or kiss or hug.

It’s every little thing, coming together to make the perfect love.

The privilege to share time and space with ‘the one’

It’s something most people aren’t fortunate to experience in one lifetime.



Can we ‘raise’ in love instead?

The kind where you are passionate to help me be better than my best,

The kind where you are keen to appreciate every good opportunity I represent.

The kind where I am realistic about the passion and vision that you offer,

The kind where I follow you unto the ends of the world so blindly.

And in vulnerable moments,

Will I still be me?

Your jewel of inestimable value,

Respected, untainted, worthy

Just because I ‘fell’ in love with you.


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