In good times & in bad . . .

save me

In the middle of the night, while Humphrey was asleep, Pauline quietly packed a suitcase and fled. She took the next flight back home and called her brother and a few close friends.

Her friends rushed to be by her side but they couldn’t help the debate.

‘I understand how terrible you must feel and how bad the pain must be, but he is now your husband and your vow stands in good times and bad times’, one of her friend said.

‘Are you crazy?’ another one was furious. ‘Do you want her to die in the name of love? Humphrey is no Romeo to die for’.

‘Whether it’s good or bad, or Humphrey is Romeo or not, I think you should go back and give him a fair chance’, a third friend said. ‘It might be a battle he’s dealing with personally and you might be able to help – ‘.

‘No!’ Gary said. Her brother had been standing by the door unnoticed, listening to everyone.

Pauline ran to her brother. His familiar embrace and warmth was her assurance that everything will be alright.

‘Please leave us’, Gary said to Pauline’s friends.


When they were gone, Pauline said, ‘I’m fling for a divorce’.

The End.

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Just as our clothing cover up a lot of scares and bruises, so is a smile to a lot of issues we have come to embrace as normal in our marriages. Whatever your friends, family or religion say, at the end of the day, you have to guard your life, peace of mind and safety with every due diligence, beside which second chances may prove fatal. 

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