What was it, she wondered – fetish?


‘Stop it!’ Pauline screamed.

‘Stay there’. Humphrey’s voice was filled with fervor.

Pauline fought to get up but Humphrey held her down with one strong hand and slammed the belt again and again.

Pauline felt as though her backside had been flayed. “Humphrey, please stop!’ she cried.

Finally, Humphrey stood up and took a deep, quivery breath. ‘It is alright now’.

It was difficult for Pauline to move. She could fell the open cuts oozing. She painfully managed to get to her feet. She couldn’t speak. She could only stare in horror at her husband.

‘Sex is sinful. We must fight temptation’.

She shook her head. Still speechless, still not believing what had just happened.

‘Think of Adam and Eve, the beginning of the downfall of mankind’. He went on.

Pauline began to cry, huge gulping sobs.

‘It’s alright now’. He took her in his arms. ‘I love you’.

Pauline said uncertainly, ‘I love you too, but – ‘

‘Don’t worry. We have conquered it’.

Which means that will be the last time that happens, Pauline thought. It probably has something to do with his being a minister’s son. Thank God it’s over.

Humphrey held her close. ‘I love you so much. Let’s go out to dinner’.


In the restaurant, Pauline was barely able to sit down. The pain was terrible, but she was too embarrassed to not to force herself to sit.

“I’ll order, Humphrey said. He ordered a salad for himself and an enormous meal for Pauline. ‘You have to keep your strength up, my dearest’.

During the meal, Pauline thought about what had just happened. Humphrey was the most wonderful man she had ever known. She had been taken aback by his – fetish. Anyway, that was over. She could look forward to enjoying the rest of her life taking care of this man, and being taken care of.

When dinner was over, Humphrey said, ‘Shall we go back to our room?’


When they returned to their room, they undressed and, as Humphrey took Pauline in his arms, her pain seemed to disappear. His lovemaking was sweet and gentle and was even more enjoyable than before.

Pauline hugged her husband and said, ‘That was wonderful’.

‘Yes’, he nodded. ‘Now we must atone for carnal sin. Get on your knees’.


To be continued . . .

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