Finally, a man who understood her appetite


It was so wonderful, finally, to find a man who understood her appetite and approved of it.

Over the next few weeks, they met as often as they could. Then, less than a month after their first date, Humphrey said, ‘I love you, Pauline. I want you to be my wife’.

Words Pauline had always thought she would never hear. She put her arms around him and said, ‘I love you too, Humphrey. I want to be your wife’.

Five days later, the wedding took place at the church where they first met. Pauline’s brother and a few of her friends were there, and it was a beautiful ceremony, officiated by Humphrey’s father. Pauline had never been so happy.

‘Where are you going to honeymoon?’ Reverend Lawson asked.

‘Seychelles’, Humphrey said. ‘It’s very romantic.

‘That sounds perfect’.

Humphrey put his arms around Pauline. ‘I expect every day to be honeymoon for the rest of our lives’.

Pauline was ecstatic.

Immediately after the wedding, they left for Seychelles. It was a spectacular beauty to behold. They arrived late in the afternoon, with the sun sparkling over the ocean.

Humphrey took Pauline in his arms. ‘Are you hungry?’

She looked into his eyes and smiled, ‘No’.

‘Neither am I. Why don’t we get undressed?’

Pauline smiled and she turned her back to her husband to help her out of her clothes.

Two minutes later, they were in bed and Humphrey was making exquisite love to her. It was wonderful. Exhausting. Exhilarating.

‘Oh darling, I love you so much’.

‘I love you too, Pauline’, Humphrey said. Then he stood up. ‘Now we must fight carnal sin’.

Pauline looked at him, confused. ‘What?’

‘Get on your knees’.

She laughed. ‘Aren’t you tired, darling?’

‘Get on your knees’.

She smiled. ‘Alright’.

She got on her knees and watched, puzzled, as Humphrey took a large belt from his trousers. He walked up to her and, before she realized what was happening, he smashed the belt hard against her naked buttocks.

Pauline screamed and started to get up. ‘What are you doing?’

He shoved her down. ‘I told you, darling. We have to fight carnal sin’.  He raised the belt and struck her again.

Be to continued . . .

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