Love Don’t Care


It’s amazing how the younger generation seem to know what’s good for them in terms of love and relationship. While it’s still working, it’s love but when it’s challenging, it becomes a dangerous situation to be in. That’s when you hear things like, ‘who feelings epp?

I heard Simi’s Love Don’t Care and as a hopeful romantic, it just kinda stayed with me. But then I ponder whatever stays with me.

I can decide to love a Teacher instead of a Banker or love an Akata instead of a cultured Yoruba boy. Love doesn’t see any wrong in whom we love. They can only be perfect for as long as we want them to be or maybe by stroke of luck, they are in reality the best thing that ever happened to us. How do you convince your family and friends that the love of your life is the best thing that will ever happen to you in your lifetime? It’s easy to argue and think everyone else is against your love and happiness but let’s look at it from the flipside.

When you dream and fantasize about a lovely spouse and wonderful children, in that dream I’m sure no one ever wishes evil to their own. We only always want the best for our own. So if as a parent, you probably have also fantasized how grand your child’s wedding will be, in that dream, is the spouse a Vulcanizer instead of an Engineer? Or is the spouse a Paraga seller instead of a Pharmacist? Love don’t care, right?

Maybe next time you try to argue that out with your family and friends, you’ll do so with an understanding that they know you, love you and only want what’s best for you. Chances are, though, that they may not always be right but God will only confirm His will to you through the mouth of more than one person saying the same things. And of course, let your objective thinking always be higher than your emotional thinking when you’re talking love. It’s not always only enough anyway.

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