If you were the opposite sex, would you be happy to be loved the way you are loving your partner now?

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Love is a beautiful thing. In my language, they say “love is a temptation”. Don’t ask me, I still can’t relate but for those who believe love comes with ups and downs, I still can’t relate. Life has ups and downs but not love except we do certain things that trigger change in behavior which affects love’s long-suffering. Otherwise, love is love, constant and even grows if nurtured.

I can’t imagine a love that doesn’t care or manifests or gives most especially. The capacity in which these things are expressed is what qualifies a person as a lover, not by mere words of “I love you”.

If you say you love me, I can choose to believe it based on how genuine I think you are but if my perception of your sincerity is really not the best you know you can give, are you actually convinced that you love me?

If I were a man, for instance, I am convinced that I will be able to show more love, care more and give more based on my own magnanimous heart, regardless.

So the question is – if you were the opposite sex, would you be happy and satisfied to receive the kind of love that you give? After all, we preach, “do unto others what you want them to do to you”.

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