Celebrating May Day

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How beautiful it is to have one day, just one, dedicated to recognize workers’ hustle all around the world!

If 24hrs were used accordingly, I would imagine it would be just enough for productive, healthy activities for that day, optimizing each individual’s abilities yet leaving room for life preservation as well. But that would only be in an ideal world; the endless hustle threatens the reality of life and health itself.

8hrs of work, 8hrs of sleep and 8hrs for what we will.

In a state like Lagos now where almost all major roads are either undergoing major construction or blocked by uncontrollable tank monsters or when traffic just seem to be eating into productive time, I wonder what the 24hr math really is for most hardworking adults. It’s a tough world; I often wonder why I couldn’t wait to be an adult while growing up. Now I have all my life to be a ‘responsible’ adult.

If May Day is supposed to celebrate laborers in the international market, how much does Nigeria appreciate and value of honest and hardworking laborers? Do we even realize that everyone isn’t only trying to contribute their quota but we are all forced to build our quota for the sake of our families and children?

Among the many unpleasant and very present unpleasant situations in Nigeria right now is on-going strike of the Joint Health Workers Staff Union. This shutdown has caused a lot of health demises but who’s counting? And there are a lot more people working on the same salaries, stagnant for five or more years now despite the inconsiderate radical inflation cutting across all sectors. The Nigeria Labor Congress has said it expects work on the minimum wage to be concluded by August 1, 2018. A subject that has been on for years now. Nonetheless, we’ll be waiting. In the meantime, we’ll keep doing what we know to do best – hustle, hustle, hustle.

May our hustles pay in billions of expensive currencies!

Happy Workers’ Day.

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