Life without Women and Music

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A man, who was raised in a cave by wolves, said he’s disappointed with the ‘coldness’ of the human world.

Yes, you read right. Marcos Rodriquez Pantoja was found barefoot and half-naked after 12 years of living with wild animals in the Sierra Morena mountain range.

Now 71-year-old, Pantoja who lives in a small cold house in the village of Rante, has insisted that life has been much harder since he was taken from his natural home. He also admitted that he tried to return to the mountains, adding ‘it is not what it used to be’ and that the wolves don’t see him as a ‘brother’ anymore. In his interview, he said, “I think they laugh at me because I don’t know about politics or football.” He was quick to quick that he’s found life with the humans bearable with women and music.

I read this over the weekend and found it very fascinating.

When we don’t know otherwise, we may be forced to believe what we have or know is the best there is. But have you stopped to imagine the kind of life Adam and Eve must have had when they didn’t have to worry or be sad or strive to earn or live in pain or be worried about body odor or mouth odor? If all things were as it should be, life would have been a million times different from how we know it.

When I saw his interview, I tried to imagine how women and music can make so much difference to a mundane being.

For me, music is my go-to place for stress management, self-expression, meditation, therapy, relaxation and solace. It’s been with me for as far as I can remember. It’s helped me understand my thoughts and appreciate myself better. I’ve embraced who I am because I found the words from another’s courage in the form of music.

What does music do for you?

I wonder how life would have been without women. How would men picture life without women? What is the importance of women to men?

“This is an interesting question. The keyword here being important. So when someone asks me how important a woman is in a man’s life. Honestly speaking the one word that leaps to mind is ‘crucial’.

And again saying that a woman is crucial for a man’s existence is similar to saying a coin has 2 sides. A woman can affect man to take a turn for the better or for the worse. It all depends on how the particular male of the species is programmed.”

After each day of creation in Genesis 1, God pronounces the things he made that day “good.” The first thing in the Bible that God says is not good is found in Genesis 2:18: “And the Lord God said, ‘It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper for him as his partner.”

A woman is designed to be a help mate, the better half, stress management agent, meditation partner, therapy in the best ways possible, a relaxation, brining you to self-realization, self-expression and an all-round fulfilment. It all depends on how you let her work for your good.

Can you imagine a better way to life without women and music?

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