Is it Pride or Faith?

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I recently saw a movie where a man demonstrated such faith or pride, I will let you be the judge eventually. He wanted boy children but he got only girls for all the four times he tried for boys. He believed only a boy can fulfil his dream until he wanted his dream so bad, he made his daughters fulfil them against the norm of the village. Even when all the villagers laughed and mocked his daughters, he was bent on staking the future success of his daughters at every challenge that came his way with such hard hearted determination. Eventually, his daughters became world acknowledged champions.

Thinking back now, at some point of the movie, I thought he was been unnecessarily proud but then again he was working and acting by faith. But how do you different both?

People who believe they deserve something often exhibit pride, first in their thought, thinking they deserve to have that particular, whether for a rich man or even a poor man. ‘Why would a poor man exhibit pride?’ you may wonder. What is left to be hidden in any case?

We often like to live the life that we think we deserve, even when we are not there yet. Some say, ‘fake it till you make it’. I still don’t know how right that statement is. Living beyond your status quo, is that living by faith or exercising superiority over everyone around you? Little wonder why some people won’t believe you when you tell them you’re broke because they just can’t imagine you being broke because of the standard or bar you’ve raised for yourself.

In the Scriptures, Apostle Paul brings up boasting as a major contender of faith. Paul knew, both from personal experience and from the Scriptures, how deeply embedded in our fallen hearts is the pride that wants to take some credit for being our own saviour. Even if we acknowledge that God is the primary agent of our salvation, we’re still prone to claim that we had something to do with it, so that we can boast. Every man wants to take some credit for “his/her” intelligence anyway.

While you’re wondering which is which, you might want to consider these comparisons:

Faith knows what I deserve                               Pride thinks of what’s deserved

Faith is surprised by the undeserved      Pride Is offended by not getting what it deserved

Now, you be the judge of your own actions and thoughts.

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