“Weddings 2018”

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There’s enough craze on social media about women proposing to men since January 1st 2018; almost as if ladies have met at a meeting on ‘taking the bull by the horn’ which is a good strategy really except in the case of an unsure relationship, obviously. While it shows bravery on the part of the lady, that’s if you want to look at it in terms of literally taking the bull of the horn, it’s just so wrong on a lot of levels especially if the proposal is taken out in public just for show. I don’t imagine you love someone and you just have to show it off in an awkward public show – of embarrassment.

While I am 100% in support of more weddings this year, I am not for the social media craze of ladies belittling themselves for nothing. Did you even think about the possibility that even if the man loves you, he’s not ready emotionally or financially to be a husband and father? Is it also a consideration that if a lady proposes, she is indirectly taking on the role and asking that the responsibilities of the man be transferred to her? Then five years later, issues such as “he doesn’t behave like the man in the house” begin to surface.

Maybe I’m just been conventional. What do you think?

However, if you are looking for an avenue to mingle in a healthy way, maybe you should sign up for the Lagos Dating Party happening in April.

In the field of counseling, one of the exercises used in helping those who are single against their wish is to make efforts to meet new people. It will therefore be unwise to sit in one’s little world and expect to meet a new Prince or Princess Charming. One cannot be doing the same thing all the time and expect a different result.

Have you ever wondered how those beautiful couples around you started? It was just an opportunity to meet the right person at the right time. Relationships start just within minutes or even seconds, individuals only need to understand how to nurture it.

Who knows? We could be hearing wedding bells sooner than expected. Singles, don’t dull yourself!


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