Lack of Expression kills Appreciation

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Imagine a baby who can’t speak but cries for every want – cold, hot, hungry, sleepy, wants to play, wants to be picked up, fighting sleep and the likes. No matter how much we want to calm a crying baby, it’s usually frustrating after trying many things and the baby is still wailing. That’s how unappreciative lack of expression can be. Hence a sudden reaction or responses thereafter will not be as appreciated as a constructive self-expression. It doesn’t necessarily mean that every thought, even anger, ought to be communication as they are but communication makes effort and situations better understood and appreciated.

Learning how to express yourself in a healthy way can be a wonderful way to live an authentic, more fulfilling life. Practicing expressing yourself and being true to who you are is essential to becoming strong in believing in yourself, releasing emotions, and creating the life that you want.

In relationships, when we fail to express our appreciation, pride, disappointment, shortcomings or whatever we feel concerning ourselves, our day to day activities, we really shouldn’t put blame on the other person for not understanding what we are going through. Men want to manage situations themselves, women want to talk about everything. If men don’t find time to express themselves, patiently, you can’t blame the woman for not appreciating what you are going through. She may have guesses but you will only be leading her to more assumptions which will gradually be taking away the full understanding and gratitude for what you are going through as a man.

Humility is a precursor to experiencing gratitude. Without humility, appreciation is pointless. Gratitude is the antidote for self-absorption and infatuation. Without expression of appreciation, gratitude is unimportant. It isn’t usually a matter of saying ‘thank you’. In most cases, that hardly acknowledges the work or effort the person has devoted. So here are some ways we can learn to express ourselves for a better understanding and appreciation of circumstance.

Listen to yourself. Self-expression is the ability to communicate and demonstrate your feelings honestly. It is an important factor in embarking on the journey of finding out who you really are. You can start finding who you are by listening to yourself, how you feel, and how you want to react to a situation. This can get you more in tune with your feelings and emotions, helping you begin to express yourself.

Acknowledge your emotions. Emotions can be challenging and it can be hard for anyone to learn how to listen to and honor these feelings. You may also not know how to safely express your emotions. It is common to stuff to feel embarrassed or ashamed of emotions you may have, or hide your emotions completely.

Focus on how your body reacts. This may be a new experience for you. One of the best ways to tune into how you feel is being aware of your body. One easy way to test this out is notice how your body responds to an emotional situation. You can start with something very easy, such as anger expressed through road rage. Whether you ride the bus or drive a car, you have probably become frustrated or angry with traffic just by the madness on the road. You have probably identified this feeling of anger. Notice what parts of your body become tense, what happens to your breathing, and what happens in your abdomen or stomach.

Own your emotions. You may be in the habit of telling yourself that you’re just being silly for feeling a certain way. You may also tell yourself not to feel a certain way. As you become more accustomed to recognizing your body’s response to emotions, it will be more difficult to just shrug off emotions. Your body is responding for a reason, and it is important to validate that. Get out your journal and start keeping a log of all the different feelings you had that day. It will help you better appreciate or validate why you feel the way you do.

Write down how you want to express yourself. To better express yourself emotionally every day, write down how you feel about certain situations that made you spend extra minute thinking about them. This will help you alleviate the intense emotions and free you from unhealthy store up of emotions.

It will surprise you that the people which you assume know so much about you, don’t know much after all until you tell them what’s going on with you. Expression, too, is meant to be tailored toward constructiveness, otherwise, the appreciation of the matter is lost.




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