What a year!

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As time goes by, life happens. We look forward and ahead to things yet to come. Perhaps if we knew what tomorrow holds, we might not look forward to it as much as we want tomorrow to be better. I thought life as a teenager was more eventful than the early twenties which was filled with more appreciation for life and family than I can remember. I remember the New Year eves spent watching fire works with the entire family and the house full of laughter and giggles. But for whatever challenges those years brought, nothing beats 2017.

The laughs were different. The love was trying. The family, leaner and stiffer. And through it all, the simplicity in gratitude was almost lost. Because we had to consider the economy, global disasters, terrorism, the horror stories and other globally affected issues especially in 2017.

So here’s to 2018, hopeful for fulfilled desires, endless opportunities, dreams and fantasies come true and reality much better. For all the love and encouragement I have received on here, I am humbled and I look forward to better days in 2018.

Happy New Year!

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