That “Orijin” Kinda Relationship

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Relationship is the most important need of our existence and we cannot imagine without the connections that we share with other humans. God has blessed humans with beautiful relations that brim with care, love and affection. Although every person is unique in some way or other and even their way of living varies yet we need each other to be complete, whole and worthy of this human life.

Meeting exciting and intriguing new people is fun. If they excite you beyond your anticipation, friendship ensues and the rest is a jolly good friendship ride. In the case of the opposite sex, when everything moves too fast, you don’t know when the intrigue becomes fondness turned to matter of your heart; and matters of the heart becomes too overpowering to deny, that’s when you realize you’ve been in a fast track swerve mobile.

In the year the iconic herbal drink was lunched to the markets, there was really no official launch into the markets, no adverts on TV or the radio. Orijin just sort of made its way round and won the hearts of so many of us. The difference in the taste and the fact that there was none like it before it, just sort of made Nigerians all over the world accept it. Even the producing company was too overwhelmed with production and the turnover on Orijin alone was what the company thrived on for a while. Yes – a while. Because as fast and high as Orijin rose was as fast and low it dropped – suddenly.

Some of things that affect a relationship is clear intentions, interest and priorities of the partners. The more the relationship gets the top priority in the right dimension, the lesser the chances of it dwindling even after the “honeymoon” period is over. Thus is when the emotional and psychological bonding of the two individual is tested. No doubt, the physical intimacy is also very important ingredients yet without the emotions, right feelings, availability and presence of love, there’s no way any relationship will work.

If two people are able to understand what they expect from each other, then there’s a good chance at a lasting relationship. Partners need to be mature and have clarity in their equation, otherwise it will become a burden and there will be no scope of long terms commitment.

So if you are looking to build a true and lasting bond in a relationship, you have to be honest, committed and also clear with your expectations to be sure you’re in the right boat to start off with. You need to strike a balance between your individual needs and the other person’s priorities.

Some relationships are like the rise and fall of Orijin. When it’s all happening too fast, you need to take time to assess what you’re doing, what you really want and where you want to be in the future with the relationship that’s fast happening to you. Ladies like to do “shakara”; I don’t blame them. Some men won’t even look your way a second time if there’s no form of shakara. Is that being vain on both their parts? Maybe. All things in moderation though. Otherwise, you might just be losing the simplicity of a beautiful and magical relationship.

7 thoughts on “That “Orijin” Kinda Relationship

  1. The fast and high rise, the fast and suddenly low fall of the Origin is tantamount to a love affair with a speed of light and a sudden crash. Attentive ideology, perfect illustration in terms of Origin acceptance without a thorough analysis of the content. The thorough analysis of the content could be liken to the motive behind wanting a relationship especially the opposite sex with constant unnoticeable pressure by the male counterparts, a deliberate pressure in a subtle manner just to achieve a selfish purpose. I love the write-up, always on point. Keep up the good work.

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