Limitations of Blogging


My love for writing though! If only it is enough to make me successful but being pulled in different directions won’t let me be great at what I love to do. Yet, there are challenges too that I face in doing what I love to do. I love to write but at the same time, I wonder if my writings can stand criticisms and professional reviews. But until I put my writing to the test, consistency is the name of the game. Yet consistency poses as another challenge since I am more or less a one-man-army. Here are some of the limitations I face as a blogger, a one-man-army blogger.


Even for a roaming mind, everyone gets stuck sometimes wondering what to write and how to pass the message. The key really is to be relevant and a provider of some sort. It’s the only way people will keep coming back for more when they know there’s something they need you have to offer. But how do you determine what people want to read or what the grey areas they need clarity on. Even if you’ve figured that out, how do you do justice to the article in laying their concerns to rest? As a one-man-army, ideas, perspectives and opinions are limited especially in appealing to various schools of thought.

Exposure and Diversity of Inspiration

Research and reading can only help so much, experience and exposure are best providers for a good writing. The more exposure, the more flexibility and diversity of contents even within the theme of the blog. Yet not all of us have the opportunity of such wealth of experience so, how do you fulfil your passion without a catalyst tool?


Time is scarce for people who want to do and accomplish great things. It is the biggest obstacle in the way of us achieving everything we want to do. It’s a huge limitation for bloggers. Blogging is time-consuming. Give me half a day of uninterrupted time and I’d be able to produce 3 blog posts of 1000 words or more.

You do get quicker at blogging the more you do it but that doesn’t necessarily help if you don’t have the time. You may have decided that blogging is for you but gradually let it slip down your to-do list because of the constraint of time. I try to allocate time for blogging now but then that is also subjective to other limitations mentioned above. But I try to plan my posts in advance too so that I can maximize that assigned time.

The Techie stuff

Now this is where it gets pretty confusing for me. I have evolved and learned a lot since I started blogging in 2014 but I know there’s still so much to know to help me maximize and take advantage of the free sites such as WordPress, Blogger etc. My first attempt at blogging was to be on Blogger but it all just seemed too much to manage at the time. I found WordPress friendlier but still, I wish I could find someone to take me through all the full advantages so that I’m not missing anything. But until I get it 100%, I’m going to keep blogging and hope I get the techie bit sooner or later too.

The curse of inconsistency

If you’ve ever visited a blog on a website and noticed it hasn’t been updated for a year, or more you’ll know it looks bad. A dead blog is worse than no blog at all which is my number fear in blogging. If you are going to blog on your own site or even one of the free blogging platforms it’s crucial that you have a regular posting schedule. That way, your readers know your pattern of posting and can always come back at certain times (calculated as your peak view times) and be sure to find something interesting to read. However, this possess as another challenge – consistency.

Consistency is not only good for keeping your site looking alive but it also ensures you stay dedicated to your blog. Frequency of blogging helps to boost traffic as well so if you’re looking to be on the main stream of blogging, you need to up your game to earn the badge.

Readers look for freebies

When people visit your site, some level of information is available. Your blog is the place where you share your expertise for free but some will want to exploit you further. People will begin to email and even phone you for some sort of free publicity. You need to decide how you are going to deal with this. In most cases, I don’t mind when people get in touch. It only goes to tell me that there are more people reading than those actually dropping comments. But the challenge there is in managing and knowing when to draw the line for your own profitability too.


I hope this is helpful to aspiring bloggers, while admitting the limitations before me as well. But the advantages of blogging can outweigh the disadvantages by:

  1. Defining exactly your category of readers you are writing for
  2. Planning content in advance that will appeal to your readers
  3. Define what blogging success means to you and monitor your path to that success on a regular basis
  4. Be consistent

Am I missing anything? If you’re a blogger, please share what your limitations and greatest challenges have been? I’d love to know so leave me a comment below.

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